Walk: Ardwell Bay, Dumfries & Galloway

Is there anything better than a walk with your dog?

Walk: Ardwell Bay {dog walks} #walks www.scruffylittleterrier.comMaybe a walk with your dogs on the beach? Even better on a deserted beach? Just like the one we found, on the west coast of Scotland, in Dumfries & Galloway. Ardwell Bay is one of the many beaches you can find all around the UK, hidden spots, just waiting to be discovered.

It’s not easy to find this little gem of a bay, with a fine sandy beach, backed with sand dunes, it really is off the beaten track! But once you are there it is worth it. As you head down a bumpy, single track road, turn the corner, there it is in front of you, in all her glory, simply stunning! However, make sure you head there at low tide, as there is much more space for a good run around then.

There’s a place to park up and little pathways which run down to the beach, it is totally dog friendly so off lead is the order of the day! Doggie heaven indeed! But that’s it, no beach shack selling burgers, no sun beds laid out in rows, just a wide open expanse of sand, the most amazing view of the Irish Sea, the sound of crashing waves and dogs barking! Occasionally, you might come across another dog walker, but pretty much you will have this beautiful spot all to yourself.

Soak it up, enjoy the blowing the cobwebs away and your dogs having the time of their life!

Click here to find out how to get there, beach information and tide times.


  1. Clapton

    Looks pawsome Mr Barney

    • Michelle

      It was, we loved it there, had the place to ourselves :o)


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