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Our Two Favourite (So Far Indestructible) Dog Balls

To Fetch or Not to Fetch

Barney and Sandy wouldn’t make the cut for Wimbledon ball boys/girls as they don’t play fetch with any balls, let alone dog balls! Balls just don’t seem to last long with two terriers in the house.

They prefer to get the ball and be chased around with it (Barney), get the ball and fling it around in the air (Sandy) or get the ball, lie down and chew on it for ever and ever (Barney and Sandy).

Destroying Dog Balls

IDog Balls {Dog Toys} #DogBalls #Chuckit #RuffnTumble #Review www.scruffylittleterrier.comf you are looking for a good ball destroyer, then Barney is your dog, with Sandy coming in a close second.

We have tried many different types of dog balls; tennis balls, foamy balls, squeaky balls, glow-in-the-dark balls, talking balls (yes!) but it’s never long before they have chewed them, till they are no longer use to man or beast.

Barney particularly likes to pull off all the covering of tennis balls, then chew them till they split open!

Sandy loves to rip the foamy balls to pieces and we find bits of it all over the place for days after!

The squeaky balls, well they lose their squeak within 5 minutes (no bad thing though!).

Does An Indestructible Dog Ball Exist?

We were beginning to wonder whether we would ever find a ball that could endure our terriers’ gnashers!

Well, so far, we think we have found two indestructible dog balls!

Want to know which ones?

The Chuckit Ultra

Dog Balls {Dog Toys} #DogBalls #Chuckit #RuffnTumble #Review www.scruffylittleterrier.comThey absolutely LOVE this ball.

It’s a ball ‘developed for demanding use’. Bright in colour, bouncy and textured, this ball has lasted the destruction testers.

Sandy loves to fling it up in the air and sometimes will play a bit of fetch with us. Barney, well he just loves to chew, and chew, and chew it!

Luckily, they come in a pack of two (and singles too). I bought the medium size for our two, and it is a good idea to get the right size for your dog. Too small and they could swallow it.

So far these two have lasted a month. Whilst that might not seem like a long time at all, for Barney and Sandy this is the equivalent of 7 dog year’s for dog balls.  😆

Click below to buy one, or find something similar.

The Ruff ‘N’ Tumble Five Senses

Dog Balls {Dog Toys} #DogBalls #Chuckit #RuffnTumble #Review www.scruffylittleterrier.comThis is a fab ball, and they absolutely LOVE this one too.

What’s great about this ball is that, as the name suggests, it appeals to the five senses; smell, sight, sound, feel and taste.

The bright colours are appealing to dogs. Did you know that dogs only ‘see’ yellow and blue? All other colours are shades of grey to them, so the bright blue and yellow are great for dogs to easily see.

As well as the colours, the ball has different textures for added interest and stimulation, especially good for chewing on!

The ball has a bell inside and, so, jingle jangles when rolled or thrown and it squeaks too.

I’m guessing the dogs’ favourite feature of this ball is the smell and taste. A dog ball that smells and tastes of beef, what more could you ask for, if you are a dog? I think this is a great feature if you have a dog who can’t see to well, as he/she would definitely be able to smell the ball (it’s quite a beefy smell, not too over powering, but we definitely catch a whiff of it every now and then).

The ball is bigger than a tennis ball, and so would not fit in a ball launcher. So far, this one is still intact and we’ve had it for two months (woo hoo!).

Click below to buy one, or find something similar.

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  1. Jan K

    We know just how it is! Our late golden retriever was a professional ball destroyer, and she taught our Lab mix to do the same. He seems to be a bit better now that he’s older. We have found two other good brands – Planet Dog (a special tough one, I forget the name), and West Paw Design – Zogoflex. Both of those have been holding up for quite a while! Balls are popular around here, but our beagle is the only one that has ever been totally into the fetch (instead of keep-away)!

    • Michelle

      Hi there Wag’n Woof Pets… thanks for the brand tips, we will check them out! :o)


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