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Top 5 Dog Rescue Centres

As our readers will know, we re-homed Barney from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home last year (read our blog post). At this time of year all re-homing centres are exceptionally busy with more dogs (and cats) looking for new homes or reuniting distraught owners with their lost dogs.

Re-homing a dog is not as simple as you might expect it to be. All rescue centres follow a thorough checking procedure to ensure that you, your family, your situation and your home are suitable for the dog you have chosen. Dogs come to rescue centres through no fault of their own, some have been neglected or abused, for some, the owners situation has changed and they can no longer take care of their pet, others have simply been abandoned or lost.

What is sure, however, is that which ever dog you chose, you will need to spend time settling him into your family, home and routine. For some dogs you will need specialist assistance to help them overcome anxiety and fears. For others, you will need to work on training and socialising the dog into everyday life and this will all take patience and time.

So the process should be very thorough, things that are taken into consideration are; where you live, city or countryside, do you have outside space? Do you have other pets in the house, many rescue dogs are not able to be homed with other pets. Do you have children, what are their ages? Do you have experience with the breed you have chosen, terriers for example need consistent training and are energetic dogs. How many hours a day will the dog be left alone, all these questions will be asked, amongst others. So whilst you may think it is time-consuming and a lot of effort, it is because any re-homing centre wants to ensure that the dog goes to its forever home, that both the dog and the family will be happy.

if you are still keen to re-home a dog then you will find so many available around the country to choose from. The most well-known centres around the UK are:

  • Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (click here to visit their website);
  • Dogs Trust (click here to visit their website);
  • RSPCA (click here to visit their website;
  • The Blue Cross (click here to visit their website); and
  • Border Terrier Welfare (click here to visit their website) especially for Border Terriers.

You can, however, find smaller, more local rescue centres, all of which do amazing work and are run by animal loving volunteers. Search in Google for Dogs Rescue Centres, adding your location. In searching for Dogs Rescue Centres London, another five centres were found and there are more out there, I’m sure!

If you are keen to re-home a specific breed, you can search via Google or the Kennel Club Breed Rescue for the particular breed you would like. I have included the Border Terrier Welfare above, but you will find a breed specific rescue centre for most well known breeds such as: Labradors, Daschunds, West Highland White Terriers and Greyhounds, to name but a few.

And if, because of your circumstances, you are unable to re-home a dog at the moment, consider volunteering or donating, all re-homing centres rely heavily on their volunteers to help out in the centre and you’ll get a lovely long walk and the joy of spending time with dogs!

Re-homing is commitment not to be taken lightly, but one that will give back to you tenfold should you be lucky enough to be chosen.


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