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Scruffy Little Terrier is 5 Years Old!

5 Year Blogaversary

Today is our 5th Blog Birthday! Woo Hoo!

Who would’ve thought Scruffy Little Terrier would make it to its fifth year? Not me, that’s for sure.

Scruffy Little Terrier is 5 Years Old {Blogaversary} #PetInfluencer #DogBlogger #DogBlog #Blogaversary

Now that might sound pessimistic but my previous track record at starting hobbies hasn’t gone well. I’m one of those people who just can’t seem to stick at anything. I’ve always thought it was because, as a child, we moved every two/three years (my Dad was in the army) so I’d start something new and then we’d move somewhere that I couldn’t continue it.

Then, as I got older, I realised that part of this is about a lack of confidence in my ability. That little voice that says, ‘You’ll never be any good at writing/gymnastics/knitting/painting/photography (to name but a few!), so what’s the point?” and so I’d give up, put away all the expensive equipment, I HAD to have, and just not talk about it any more.

However, since becoming unwell with ME/CFS, I started to understand that, that little voice was being quite harsh, because how can you be good at something, if you don’t keep trying and learning? I still have wobbles but I actually really enjoy writing and have done for a long time. I am good at it? I don’t really know but that doesn’t stop me now.

Maybe, no one is reading my posts (well that’s not true, I know my step-mum reads them and has done from the very beginning – thank you so much) but maybe, just maybe, people are reading them, enjoying them and learning something.

Why I Started My Blog

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, or follow us (Barney, Sandy & me) on social media, you will know that in June 2013 I was signed off from my job as an Executive PA with a diagnosis of ME/CFS (or myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome). Back then I was very unwell, lots of awful symptoms and the light at the end of the tunnel, well what light, that tunnel was a very dark place.

I’d always wanted a dog and now I was at home all the time, my husband suggested we get a dog. Along came Barney and our lives changed, for the better.

Scruffy Little Terrier is 5 Years Old {Blogaversary} #PetInfluencer #DogBlogger #DogBlog #Blogaversary

I started posting pictures of Barney on Facebook, who doesn’t when they get a puppy? I can’t actually remember why I thought writing a blog would be a great idea, maybe it was something achievable that I could work on at home that wouldn’t tire me too much. After learning about blogs, platforms, WordPress, themes etc I figured out how to set up a website and decided on the name Scruffy Little Terrier.

Lifestyle or Dogs?

My first thought was that the blog would be a lifestyle type blog including posts about Barney and border terriers. I wrote those first posts, as if Barney was writing them (I actually found this really hard) and soon realised that having ME/CFS meant I didn’t have much of a lifestyle to write about (hahaha) and that border terriers as a topic would be quite restrictive.

So, I decided to change the blog to a blog about dogs, dog health, dog nutrition and dog friendly places, walks, hotels, restaurants etc. and here we are today, five years on!

Scruffy Little Terrier is 5 Years Old {Blogaversary} #PetInfluencer #DogBlogger #DogBlog #Blogaversary

It hasn’t been easy, there’s been long gaps in my blogging when I’d have an ME/CFS crash and I just couldn’t do anything but give my body time to start to feel better again. I found this very frustrating and still do. There are still days when I’m just too tired to do all things I’d planned to do that day, week, month, but it’s OK, I’ve realised that the list will have to wait, it’s not going anywhere.

However, the most important thing is, that I keep coming back to my blog, I keep writing and that, in itself, is a massive achievement for me.

Blog Posts

My Most Read Blog Posts

It’s quite ironic that my most read blog post is one of the very early ones and is about Border Terriers!

‘Border Terriers’ Coat Of Many Colours’ ~  click here to read it.

Scruffy Little Terrier is 5 Years Old {Blogaversary} #PetInfluencer #DogBlogger #DogBlog #Blogaversary

Followed by;

My Favourite Blog Posts

The thing about writing is that I am always learning, so most of my favourite posts are the more recent ones, because I look back at the earlier ones and do cringe a bit. It’s not a surprise that the style and graphics have changed and evolved as I’ve learnt more about blogging.

Scruffy Little Terrier is 5 Years Old {Blogaversary} #PetInfluencer #DogBlogger #DogBlog #Blogaversary

Here are some of my favourite posts;

Looking Ahead

Scruffy Little Terrier is 5 Years Old {Blogaversary} #PetInfluencer #DogBlogger #DogBlog #Blogaversary

I have lots of exciting ideas planned for this year and as long as ME/CFS doesn’t get in the way too much, I hope to achieve them and continue to keep you all informed and entertained.

Scruffy Little Terrier is getting a new look, I’m so excited about this! I’m proud of what I have achieved with my website, logo and branding but I have done it all myself, up till now. So I have found someone to help me, which will free up time for me to write more posts and create more designs, which is what I love doing.

I am looking to change the supplier of my products, to a UK-based company where I will be able to use products that are ethically sourced, such as organic cotton apparel, along with plastic free packaging!

I am honoured to start working with DogLost in order to help spread the heartbreaking stories of dogs who are missing, or have been stolen. The families featured are desperate to find their dog, so, please keep an eye out for the blog posts and share them, because you never know, it might just help get their dogs back where they belong, HOME.

Thank You

Finally, I would like to thank you so much for reading my blog posts, buying my designs and generally cheering me on, in this crazy social media world!

Scruffy Little Terrier is 5 Years Old {Blogaversary} #PetInfluencer #DogBlogger #DogBlog #Blogaversary

If there’s anything you would like me to write about, then please do let me know, you can leave me a comment below, or on any of our social media platforms (linked below). I read all your comments and love hearing from you all.

Happy Blogaversary to Scruffy Little Terrier and a fun year ahead!


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Scruffy Little Terrier is 5 Years Old {Blogaversary} #PetInfluencer #DogBlogger #DogBlog #Blogaversary









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