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Sandy’s 3rd Birthday List ~ Gifts That Every Dog Will Love

Gifts Your Dog Would Add To Their Birthday List

(if they could!)

Sandy’s 3rd birthday is fast approaching, as well as the anniversary of her second year with us! We can’t believe it was two years ago that we waited, excited and nervous, to meet Sandy at Gatwick Airport.

The change in Sandy from those first few months, to today, is exceptional. Whilst she still can be nervous and scared, she has grown in confidence and it has been lovely to see her blossom into a wonderful dog.

Even though she is nearly three, she is still very puppy like. She’s very playful, finds joy in toys, loves her tummy being rubbed, loves long walks, chasing squirrels, playing with Barney and following me around the house.

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Sandy’s Birthday List

So for this very special girl, I have bought her some very special presents, which, I’m sure would feature on her birthday list, if she could tell us herself!

Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Plush Toy

We love these ultrasonic toys because they are soft, sumptuous, squeaker toys with a twist. The twist is that only the dogs can hear the squeaker, yes, that’s correct, no annoying squeaky toy noise. As Sandy loves to play with soft toys and to make them squeak, I’m sure she will love it. Plus the toy is blue, which is a colour that dogs can see, I’m sure she will pounce on it the minute she sees it!

You can find the Hear Doggy toy here

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Bouncy, Squeaky Unpredictable Ball

Sandy loves to play with toys on her own, she is very puppy like when she plays, running up to a toy, flinging it in the air and chasing it around. So this unpredictable, squeaky, bouncy, rubber ball appealed to me, it reminded me of Sandy when she plays! It’s made of food grade, natural rubber so safe to chew and the unique nodules shape makes the ball bounce in unpredictable directions, which helps train dog’s ability of chasing and searching. I think she will absolutely love it!

You can find the Bouncy Ball here

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Squirrel Hide & Seek Puzzle Soft Toy

Whilst this is a soft, squeaky toy, I think this can be used as an enrichment toy too. It comes with 3 squirrel toys which can be hidden in the tree trunk, I think will be great to hide treats in too. I couldn’t not get this for Sandy, after all this girl will sit under a tree watching the squirrels playing above her and waiting for them to venture down into the garden. As soon as she spies one in the park, she is off! She’s never caught one but she gives it a good try. So how could I not get her this squirrel toy?

You can find the Squirrel Hide & Seek Puzzle Toy here

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JR Products Pure Dried 100% Meat Treat Selection

It’s safe to say that we haven’t found a treat that the dogs won’t eat, but this doesn’t mean we buy them any old treats. They are both raw fed and so, we are keen to ensure the treats we give them are 100% natural meat treats with no additives, preservatives and are gluten free. We feel safe knowing that treats are either made in the UK or Europe. JR Products make chew sticks or training treats in a great variety of flavours including; kangaroo, venison, duck, beef, salmon, rabbit, chicken and salmon, which gives the dogs some great variety too.

You can find JR Products Treat Selection here

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Birthday Girl Selection Box by Hungry Hounds Bakery

I had planned to order Sandy a birthday cake from Hungry Hounds Bakery, as we did for Barney (click here to read about it) because they both loved it and Sandy has a real sweet tooth. However, Hungry Hounds Bakery are taking a break from making cakes at the moment.

3 Sandy's 3rd Birthday List {Sandy's 3rd Birthday List} #DogBirthday #DogProductReviews #DogProducts #DogBall #DogChews #DogToys

So, instead of a cake, I ordered the Birthday Girl Selection Box, which looks like great fun and packed full of doggy surprises. It includes;

  • 1 Bag of Large iced Number biscuit treats (4 in total)
  • 1 Pawreo® biscuit carob treat
  • 1 Bag of treats or bottle of Pawsecco (we opted for Sweet Potato treats)
  • 1 Toy (from a choice of 9)
  • 1 Hungry Hounds Bakery Birthday Card
  • 2 white latex balloons with paw prints on
  • 1 Hat

All in a lovely gift box! I’m sure Barney and Sandy will share the selection fairly (hahaha) and I’m guessing I will be more excited opening this box for them, than they will be. But hey, if you can’t have fun on your dog’s birthday, when can you?

3 Sandy's 3rd Birthday List {Sandy's 3rd Birthday List} #DogBirthday #DogProductReviews #DogProducts #DogBall #DogChews #DogToys

All these presents will be wrapped with Paw Print tissue wrapping paper, easy for Sandy to rip open!

Hopefully Sandy loves and enjoys her birthday presents.

Do you buy your dog birthday presents? We’d love to hear what your best presents were and what would be on your dog’s birthday list.

3 Sandy's 3rd Birthday List {Sandy's 3rd Birthday List} #DogBirthday #DogProductReviews #DogProducts #DogBall #DogChews #DogToys


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