Road Testing My Raincoat

I have two coats which I use for dog walking; my super warm and cosy ‘duvet’ coat, a Christmas present 3 years ago from Mr SLT. I love it, it keeps me really warm, it reaches to just above my knee and is black, so muddy paw prints don’t show up too badly and if they do, they wipe off with a damp cloth. The only problem is, which I found out the hard way (or is that the wet way?) it isn’t waterproof at all and doesn’t have a hood! Out in a recent heavy downpour I was decidedly damp by the time we got home.

I also have a parka style ‘shower proof’ coat, it’s light-weight, wind-proof and comes just to my knees. It has the all important hood, I love this coat, not least because it was a great bargain from TK Maxx and is a brown/grey colour so doesn’t show muddy paws too badly, but it too doesn’t keep me dry in a big down pour either!

Let’s be honest, here in England we get quite a few rainy days, so I really needed a proper waterproof coat and after getting soaked a few times, I knew what I was looking for;

  • Must be long, covering my knees (to keep them dry and warm);
  • Must have a hood (I think dog walkers will agree, you need both hands free, I can’t carry an umbrella whilst walking Barney!)
  • A dark colour – navy, black or chocolate brown (so the muddy paw prints don’t show too much!);
  • Lightly padded/quilted – I thought that on those really chilly days, usually the sun is shining and that’s when I would wear my duvet coat. I decided that if it was raining and freezing, I would wear a gilet under the raincoat to keep me warm.
  • Waterproof and breathable;
  • Machine washable; and
  • Quality, made to last.

Not too demanding then!

After searching the internet, I came up with a couple of options but plumped for the Seasalt Cornwall Janelle Raincoat but does it pass the dog walking gauntlet? Yes, it completely passes the test and meets my wish list. I absolutely LOVE it!

I ordered online, they do have retail shops but, not surprisingly by the company name, they are mostly in the South West of England, so no good for me. It arrived quickly and I loved the packaging. It makes a change for something to not arrive in grey plastic wrapping, this arrived in a bright, seaside inspired heavy-duty brown paper bag, it made me smile.

I was a bit worried that the coat might overwhelm me, because it’s 101 cm long and I’m only 5′ 2″ but it is perfect because it completely covers my knees and is slightly longer at the back dipping down like a parka. It also has waist adjusters at the back which gives some definition and shape. The coat comes in four colours: Black, Coal (a sort of mushroom brown colour), Squid Ink (a bright navy colour) and Pumice (a light grey colour). I opted for Black, I was keen on Coal but it was out of stock in my size (I order size 8 and it has plenty room for a big jumper), but I’m really pleased with black, it has flashes of pink inside and on the hood toggles. On the website a couple of reviewers say they are disappointed with the velcro adjustable cuffs saying they are flimsy, they are thin but I don’t have a problem with them, sleeves are always too long for me, I tried turning them up and you get a flash of the pink lining, but I have left them as they are, I’ve never really want to tighten the sleeves especially if you are wearing gloves or a jumper. The hood is detachable with a cosy fleece lining.

It is exactly what I wanted, it looks stylish, it’s warm, keeps out the wind and rain and you can chuck it in the washing machine. At the moment, I can’t find anything I don’t like about this coat and at £140.00 I think it is well worth the money, good quality and made to last.

No more soggy bottom for me!

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Take a look at my Pinterest board for more inspiration on other coats for your dog walks. Do you have a favourite dog walking coat?

Note: This review is my honest and independent opinion, I have not been paid to review this coat which I purchased myself.


  1. LB Johnson

    Hi from a member of the BlogPaws Community who saw your new member sign in. That’s a great bunch of people there. I appreciate the coat info – I live in Chicago in the United States, cold, wet AND windy and finding a good coat to walk Miss Abby my rescue Labrador Retriever can be challenging. Stop on over and say hello to another great bunch of dog folks who visit at

    Dr. Lin J.

    • Michelle

      Hi there! Thanks for your message and I’m glad you enjoyed the coat info. I’ve never been to Chicago but I have heard it is windy!


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