Chunky Cable Knit Bobble Hat Yellow/Grey/Turquoise


Luxury grey, yellow and turquoise chunky knit bobble hat with fleece lining.

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Chunky Cable Knit Bobble Hat Yellow

Please note - the Chunky Cable Knit hats come up slightly smaller than the other hats in our range and there is not as much 'give' in this chunky cable knit style.

We are very excited to bring this luxury chunky cable knit bobble hat, yellow, grey, turquoise stripes, into the Scruffy Little Terrier family from the much-loved small British brand, Big Bobble Hats.

This super warm and cosy wool bobble hat has a soft fleece lining. This hat will keep your head and ears warm on those chilly winter walks with your terrier.

Warmth Rating

5 Bobbles for this stylish chunky cable knit wool bobble hat.

This hat is perfect for the chilly autumn days and nights or those days when you want to hide your hair, to keep you warm and cosy and for any dog lover that you know, we think they will love this hat!

Why We Love Big Bobble Hats

Big Bobble Hats was launched in October 2010 by husband and wife team, Ian and Tamara. The first hat was made by Tamara by hand on a loom, for Ian to wear when skiing. They wanted to make hats in bold bright colours so you could be seen on the ski slopes easily. They took them away on a ski trip to France and got so many comments that they decided to set up a small website and see what happened!

The rest, as they say, is history! You can read more about this fun, quirky, unique small business by reading our Brand Spotlight on Big Bobble Hats. We now stock 15 different big bobble hats, with different Warmth Rating, styles and colours, so there is something for everyone! They also make fabulous gifts for the dog lover in your life.

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