The Dog and I Soothing Salve


Natural Soothing Skin Salve for Dogs
Scented with dog-friendly Essential Oils
Available in two sizes 15g and 60g
Screwtop Tin
Handmade in Dorset


The Dog and I Soothing Salve

Looking for a Soothing Salve for dogs, that is natural, made with dog-friendly essential oil and is safe for your dog to lick? Then look no further than The Dog and I's award-winning Soothing Salve. This Soothing Salve is perfect for hot-spots, minor cuts and grazes, insect bites and stings.

This soothing herbal infused balm is created using Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil and a selection of 5 herbs known for their skin-friendly properties. The herbs are Calendula, Plantain, Comfrey, Rosemary and Yarrow.

Calendula is known to be an anti-inflammatory, moisturising and healing herb. Plaintain is also anti-inflammatory but also soothing and said to promote healing. Comfrey is also said to promote healing and is also known as 'knit bone' for this very reason. Although Yarrow has many uses, it is mainly known as a wound healer. Rosemary, we all have rosemary in our garden but did you know it offers anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, ant-bacterial and antiseptic properties? So not just delicious in food but a great all-round herb.

The Dog and I Soothing Salve is a little bit of magic in a tin, it smells divine, it's natural and you'll probably end up using it on yourself too.

About The Dog and I

Keri, a professional dog groomer created The Dog and I after hearing of dog groomers and dogs with skin problems. At the same time she was researching the issues around pollution, plastic and chemicals, after much research The Dog and I was born.

The Dog and I dog grooming products are luxurious whilst being kind to you, your dog and the planet. Keri uses high quality, plant-based ingredients, which are gentle, effective and natural. They include dog-friendly essential oils and no harsh detergents such as SLS and SLES, which you will find in most commercial brands.

We love The Dog and I products so much, that we wrote a blog post about them and have been using them ever since. It also features a time-lapse video of me washing Barney with the dog soap, give it a read here.

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15g, 60g

1 review for The Dog and I Soothing Salve

  1. Victoria Fox (verified owner)

    The 15g is such a handy size to pop into your pocket! Now if he is gets into mischieve with nettles this will help soothe any irritation! Its so comforting to know that it’s so safe even if they lick it, as many products have horrible chemical ingredients that even I’m allergic too. Finally feel happy with something my dog and I can use!

    • Michelle

      Hi Victoria, thank you for your lovely review. The Dog & I soothing balm is a necessity at this time of the year and being 100% natural it is safe for your dog too! Michelle x

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