LickiMat Wobble Dog Bowl


LickiMat ® Wobble Dog Bowl – a great way to to slow down feeding time. Available in Green, Turquoise & Purple.


LickiMat ® Wobble Dog Bowl

Designed as a boredom buster for your dog, the LickiMat ® Wobble Dog Bowl means you can spread your pet's favourite soft treat over the surface of your LickiMat ® and create a fun game with them having to seek out every tasty bit of food by licking it up! The LickiMat ® Wobble Bowl gives an extra dimension of interaction by not staying still! Available in green, turquoise and purple.

The Benefits

  • Medical free way to promote calm behaviour in your pet while home alone or during stressful times, like fireworks.
  • Great for calming pets before a procedure/treatment e.g. at vets or groomers.
  • Repetitive licking is soothing for your pet, releasing a calming hormone into the body.
  • No overfeeding because LickiMat ® makes a small tasty treat last longer.
  • Licking enhances the sense of taste, allowing your dog to enjoy just a small amount of food.
  • Helps promote fresh breath by scraping off bacteria and undigested food particles from the tongue.
  • Stimulates saliva production and helps clean tongue, teeth and gums.
  • Saliva production can aid digestion as it contains enzymes like Amylase.

Non-toxic, BPA free, food grade TPR rubber, microwave safe and freezer friendly.

Stuck for Ideas?

Why not try using it with soggy biscuits, peanut butter, softened banana, yoghurt or some of our LickiMat ® Sprinkles!

About the LickiMat ® brand.

The LickiMat ® range now features 2 award-winning products; The Classic LickiMat ® which won the Petquip ‘Best New Dog Accessory Product’ at the PATS awards in Telford in September 2018 on its entry into the UK market, followed by the ‘Slomo’ taking ‘Best Cat Food & Products.

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Additional information

Weight .22 kg

Green, Turquoise, Purple


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