One Year On…A Celebration of Barney

This time last year we brought Barney home from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, it was an emotional day as we fell in love with our 11-week old puppy. We saw Barney (we changed his name to Barney), on the BDCH website and emailed to find out if he was still available. We waited, not very patiently, for a reply, believing that if the answer came back that he was still available for re-homing, then he was meant to be ours. He was available, after visiting BDCH, registering and having an ‘interview’ with one of the staff members, we agreed to go back and meet Barney, he was too young to stay in the kennels so he was being looked after by a foster carer.

Meeting Barney for the first time!

All the staff we met were so happy, clearly love all their dogs and cats and care passionately about re-homing them. They want to ensure that the dog/cat you chose is right for your family, so it finds its ‘furever home’. We didn’t find out too much of Barney’s history, as he didn’t have much since he was so young, there were no pedigree papers or Kennel Club lineage, but we did get a detailed update from his fosterer.

Taking Barney to his forever home.

They agreed that we could be a good match, and we breathed a sigh of relief! When we returned to meet Barney, his carer carried him out to us and I burst into tears, he was the cutest bundle of bouncy, happy energy, we couldn’t have wished for more. He wasn’t scared at all, a real independent and confident puppy. We were immediately besotted with him, he was already wowing us with his advanced training skills and intrepidness in exploring his new home, he had no fear!

Mastered the stairs straightaway!















Did we become the archetypal new parents who marvel at how amazing he was, yes! Did we bore everyone we knew with stories of all the funny things he did? Probably. Did we post way to many photos on Facebook, share too many videos of Barney running around in the park? Most definitely. But we weren’t embarrassed, we just couldn’t believe our luck and wanted to share it with everyone.

A year on, Barney continues to make us laugh, he is cheeky, mischievous, adventurous, affectionate, naughty and very sociable. He will sit, wait, leave, give one paw, and high-five us (all for a tasty treat!) and oh we think he’s so clever.

But it wasn’t all plain sailing, BDCH were there if we needed advice or help. We struggled with his recall (running across the park chasing after him as he dashed after the next new dog to meet, totally ignoring us until he decided he would come back, or we caught up with him, and he struggled with separation anxiety, but with the help of BDCH, puppy training classes and one-to-one sessions with his trainer we got there.

We are proud to say we have a happy, settled, balanced boy, it wasn’t always easy, but it’s been worth it. Would we do it again? Definitely, to give a dog a loving home, when there are so many waiting, who will give you years of unconditional love, who doesn’t want that?

The biggest compliment we receive is when people have spent time with Barney, they ask us if they can take him home with them, and our answer?? NO!!!

Did you know Barney featured in Your Dog Magazine? Have a read here

Have you rescued a dog? Barney and I would love to hear your story, share it with us below.


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