Natural and Healthy Hand Baked Doggy Biscuits by Top Collar

Hand Baked Doggy Biscuits by Top Collar

Barney and Sandy live for treats. Treats come in all types, shapes and sizes. Chews, dehydrated, real meat chews and doggy biscuits, to name but a few. So, whilst we have our favourites, we are always happy to try new ones (of course!). You never know, we might even find a new favourite doggy biscuit.

Who are Top Collar?

We were approached by The Doggy Chef via Instagram (of course!), as we follow her account. She asked whether we would like to try a doggy box of their hand baked doggy biscuit treats. For all new (UK only at the moment) customers, Top Collar have an introductory offer. Pay just £1 for postage & package and you receive your first box for free. With a treat like that, how could we refuse?

Doggy Biscuits {Top Collar} #Review #DogHealth #DogTreats #DogNutrition www.scruffylittleterrier.comWe love the story and ethos behind Top Collar. Top Collar’s owner Sophie began making dog biscuits when she was at University, as a hobby, whilst taking them to local markets and dog shows. She was encouraged to turn her passion into a career and, after winning several business competitions, Sophie was able to make Top Collar a full-time business.

Doggy Biscuits {Top Collar} #Review #DogHealth #DogTreats #DogNutrition www.scruffylittleterrier.comWhat We Love About Top Collar

What really appeals to us, is that they are a small UK (Yorkshire) based business. Creating doggy biscuits using the best ingredients, which include:

  • Gluten and wheat free (so perfect for dogs with food allergies)
  • Rice based flour
  • Human grade ingredients
  • No hidden nasties
  • Wholesome fresh ingredients
  • No added extra sugars, fats, salts or preservatives
  • Hand baked.

Top Collar pride themselves on their quirky doggy biscuit menu, with flavours you will recognise such as; Fish and Chips, Sunday Roast, Full English and, for our first order, we received Turkey Burgers, so your dogs won’t feel left out at dinner time.

How It Works

When you sign up for the first time, and on paying your £1 p&p, will be registered for the Top Collar regular dog treat subscription service.

The treats are hand baked each month and delivered to you in a letterbox friendly package. You can also personalise the packaging with your cutest dog photo. You choose to receive treats fortnightly or monthly.

It takes approximately 7 days to process a new box, subscribers will receive boxes on 12th and 28th of the month. You will not be charged for the first box, thereafter each box is £5.99.

And don’t worry, there’s no commitment, you can pause, cancel or change the frequency of delivery, any time you like, by logging into the ‘members’ page’, it’s all very easy to do.

The Doggy Biscuit Treats

Barney and Sandy could sniff the treats as soon as the box arrived through the letterbox! They were keen for me to open it so they could give the biscuits the taste.

The packaging is natural, fun and easy to open. All the details are on reverse of the packet, including the ingredients, of which, there aren’t many! For the Turkey Burgers doggy biscuits, which we received, the ingredients are: Organic White Rice Flour, Water, Milk, Turkey, Butter, Carrots, Egg and Sage (so you could give them a try too!).

Doggy Biscuits {Top Collar} #Review #DogHealth #DogTreats #DogNutrition

Each pack weighs 130g of treats. The ones we received were heart-shaped and quite big (as you can see). I easily broke them into smaller pieces, as we don’t like to give our dogs too many treats at once and the biscuits will last that much longer (although with our two, not that much! 😆 ). Barney and Sandy really enjoyed the biscuits. There was a good crunch, but they weren’t too hard to bite on.

Doggy Biscuits {Top Collar} #Review #DogHealth #DogTreats #DogNutrition

A Fun, Natural and Fresh Idea

We love to have a selection of treats for Barney and Sandy, just to give them variety and different textures. We also do our best to only buy food and treats that are made in the UK, where we can be sure of the source of the ingredients.

Doggy Biscuits {Top Collar} #Review #DogHealth #DogTreats #DogNutrition

I think this is a fun idea, receiving the treats through the post and the surprise of what flavour you will get each time.

For £1, to begin with, why not give Top Collar Doggy Biscuit Box a try? We are sure your dog will love them! We can’t wait for our next delivery!  🐶


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