Get Ready To Celebrate Our Terrific Terriers!

Barney and Sandy, two terriers that inspired Scruffy Little Terrier for Famous Terriers blog post

We want to make Terriers the most loved breed again!

Our love for terriers runs deep. How better to celebrate our favourite breed than with a whole day dedicated to terrier love and appreciation?!

Let’s make 27 March, a special day, once a year, where we can thoroughly spoil our terriers and talk about them all day long! Give your terrier a stuffed toy to tear to shreds, take him for a walk somewhere he can roll and dig until his heart’s content, or simply share your terrier adoration on social media, and let’s get terriers trending!


Ten ways to celebrate National Terrier Day ~ 27 March

Plan a terrier meet-up

Post a photo, or five, of your beloved terrier, don't forget the hashtag #nationalterrierday

Treat your terrier – whether that's to an extra special walk, some special yummy treats, or to a new toy to destroy!

Share a terrier in rescue and help a dog in need to find a new home

Plan a fundraiser or donate to a dog rescue in celebration of your terrier

Bake a doggy cake

Throw a terrier party

Remember your terrier; gone but never forgotten. Terrier day is a lovely opportunity to remember those who have passed over to rainbow bridge

An Ode to terriers – pen a poem or share a story about your terrier or the breed

Tug it out – what terrier doesn't love a game of tug? Dedicate some time to indulging your terrier today

These are just some ideas. This day is for all of our terriers, so join us and celebrate National Terrier Day in whatever way fills your heart with terrier joy.

We’d love to hear how you choose to mark the day. Whether it’s on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook we want to see how you celebrate National Terrier Day ~ 27 March, so remember to use hashtag #nationalterrierday and tag us @scruffylittleterrier, so we can share all your terrific photos and stories.

Join us, let’s make Terriers great again!

Michelle, Barney (border terrier) and Sandy (terrier mix)


Press Features

A bit of breed history

Earth dogs bred to go to ground, our terriers may now be mostly enjoying lives in pet homes rather than working, but they certainly haven’t lost that innate spirit.

Historically terriers were bred to work as pest control, tackling vermin such as rats,foxes, badgers, and even otters!

Terrier breeds have a history dating back to the 16th century, and by Victorian times they were the people’s choice of dog.

Prior to the 19th century, dogs were generally expected to earn their keep, but with the turn of the century began a turn of the tide, when Victorians began to see them as valuable family pets.

Terriers originated in the British Isles and were bred to be tough, hardy, tenacious, and fearless dogs, spending all day outdoors working alongside their humans.

The terrier breed is a working breed with 27 Kennel Club recognized breeds currently listed in the UK.

Many terriers are named after the regions from which they originate, such as Lakeland terriers, Airedales, Bedlington, Scottish, and West Highland terriers.

The Manchester terrier, English Toy, Cairn, Yorkshire, Norfolk, and Norwich terriers were bred for ratting. Whereas Border terriers, Airedales, Wheaten, Sealyham, and Welsh terriers were used for flushing out and killing larger vermin such as foxes and moles.

Terriers were once famed as the greatest dogs in the world, and we think they still are!


Our National Terrier Day mug

For the lover of all terriers and all things terrier!

Our favourite terrier traits

Terriers are certainly best suited to those with a good sense of humour, patience, and an appreciation for tenacity! Here are ten of our favourite terrier traits.














Terriers in Rescue

There are a number of terriers in need of loving homes waiting in rescue centres across the UK and beyond. We’d love to use National Terrier Day to shine a light on the work of these fantastic organisations and some of the terriers looking for homes.

If you’d like to consider adopting a terrier or donating to a rescue, then take a look at the following terrier rescues below and if you are looking for a specific terrier breed, search online for the breed and ‘rescue’, some are also listed below;


27 March

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