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National Puppy Day – Who Doesn’t Love Puppies?

So, it’s National Puppy Day in the US, not here in the UK, but who doesn’t love puppies?

The day is designed to encourage people not to buy puppies from pet stores (which supports puppy mills and generally leads to puppies who need medical assistance, or have behavioural problems) but rather  to ‘Adopt! Don’t Shop’ as there are millions of dogs, in the US and UK, sitting in shelters waiting to be rescued and loved.

If you can’t have a puppy, why not volunteer at a local rescue, you can walk the dogs, give them lots of love and attention making their stay a bit brighter, till they find their forever home.

In the meantime, here are some photos of our two, Barney and Sandy, when they were puppies to brighten up your day!


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