Hygge & Hound Seasonal Box

Autumn Seasonal Box

We were (the dogs & I) very lucky to be sent the new Hygge & Hound Seasonal Box. Having previously bought two boxes it was a real treat to receive the Autumn Box through the post (it fits through your letterbox with a satisfying thud as it hits the floor).

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You may remember that we reviewed the first Hygge & Hound Box back in September 2017 (click to read), after following them on Instagram and loving the concept behind Hygge & Hound, as well as receiving a box which is not just for your dog but for you too!

Busy Lives Need Time To Slow Down

Our lives seem to be on constant fast forwards these days. There always seems to be something to do, our ‘To Do Lists’ never seem to become ‘Done Lists’. I think it is safe to say that we all need a little bit of help to find time to just be, to breathe, to take in all that is around us, to enjoy the moment, to switch off from the constant download of information and to calm our body and mind.

This is where Hygge comes into play.

Hygge (pronounced  hue-gue) it’s a Danish word to describe happiness and wellbeing, it’s a feeling. Words like cosiness, comfort, contented come together to give you a warmth and sense of being. It’s taking time to relax and enjoy the moment, appreciating and sharing with those around you, seeing the beauty within the simple pleasures in life.

Hygge & Hound Box

The Hygge & Hound Box maybe small, but it is perfectly formed, in accordance with Hygge. Inside this little box of delights you will find something for your dog and you to enjoy together.

Hygge For Humans

As you open the box there is a lovely message inside explaining all the items inside and giving suggestions on how to achieve hygge.

Hygge & Hound {Dog Product Review} #Hygge&Hound #DogFriendly #Mindfulness #Hygge #DogTreats #Houndspace www.scruffylittleterrier.com

There’s a individually crafted beeswax tea light, to give you the light of hygge, made in a small workshop in the Scottish Borders. Beeswax burns longer and cleaner than almost any other wax and as it burns releases negative ions, which will clean allergens and dust from your home.

Whilst this the candle is lit enjoy a cup of seasonal tea from Hoogly Tea. This warming Baked Apple Chai tea is like autumn in a mug, warming and spicy with a delicate apple fragrance. I only drink herbal tea, as I have no dairy in my diet, and it is nice to find a new herbal tea that is hand blended in the UK, I’m enjoying it as I write this post!

The cookie cutter is for both you and your hound. There are two recipe cards to make human cookies and hound cookies. Simple recipes to try out, take 30 minutes for yourself, put on some music and make “Raisin and Cinnamon Cookies’ for you and Healthy Houndspace Green Bones for your dogs. The dogs will thank you and you also have a little sweet treat to enjoy too!

Hygge Mindfulness

Then there is the hygge card, I really do love the cards included in the boxes (I’ve kept them all and love to remind myself of the message on each one. When we move to our forever home, I am going to frame them all and put them in my ‘space’ wherever that may be.) They are little reminders of mindfulness that you can carry out easily throughout the day, which will help to calm your mind and appreciate the moment.

This season’s card ties in with the final human item, a cute little notebook, with a big message ‘Dream Big’. The simple mindfulness exercise, on the card, is to help promote positive thinking. Now, to be honest, I’m not great at doing these sorts of things, but I really feel I need to up my positivity levels (since moving I have struggled with the ME/CFS and to be honest have felt pretty low some days) so I’m going to do my best to complete this little exercise, use the notebook and look back after a month and see whether it has helped me. I’ll let you know how I get on!

Hygge For Hounds

As well as the Healthy Houndspace Bones to make for your dogs, there are two yummy treats inside, from Beautiful Joe’s and Soopa.

I have written about Beautiful Joe’s before (click here to read) and they are one of our favourite treats for the dogs. They are 100% natural dried liver treats, which can be broken into small pieces, for a great training aid, which the dogs go crazy for (they love liver treats!). By buying a bag of Beautiful Joe’s treats you are not only giving your dog a healthy, natural treat but Beautiful Joe’s will donate a bag to a rescue of your choice, helping more dogs find their forever homes!

Hygge & Hound {Dog Product Review} #Hygge&Hound #DogFriendly #Mindfulness #Hygge #DogTreats #Houndspace www.scruffylittleterrier.com

Soopa is a dog’s treat that we haven’t tried before and I am really keen to see what these are like. I’ve seen this brand on social media but didn’t realise that they are ‘100% natural, made from superfood ingredients and produced to human grade standard’. So having a pack of Kale & Apple Dental Sticks included is really great, plus there’s 4 sticks in the box which means 2 each for Barney & Sandy!

There’s a small bone toy too, which I know our two will enjoy flinging in the air before having a good chew on it (probably not what Hygge & Hound had in mind, but they are terriers and they love to destroy toys!).

Hygge & Hound Box

The Autumn Box is available now, you can expect to receive

a scrummy box of goodness for you and your hound to enjoy including: natural treats for the four legged members of the family, hygge and nature inspired craft projects (best enjoyed with a wet nosed friend), a mindfulness ritual card and seasonally inspired treats for human and hound.

I feel very honoured to have been sent this box, we will all enjoy the autumnal hygge inside this little box of delights and I’m sure you will too.

Thank you Hygge & Hound, we look forward to seeing what’s inside next season’s box.

Hygge & Hound {Dog Product Review} #Hygge&Hound #DogFriendly #Mindfulness #Hygge #DogTreats #Houndspace www.scruffylittleterrier.com

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