DogLost Appeal ~ Stolen Socks, Border Collie

Stolen Socks ~ 21 July 2018, Gloucestershire

On 21 July 2018, two year old, red and white Border Collie, Socks went missing from her family in Chastleton, Gloucestershire. Desmond and Katherin, who are 70 years old, miss their beautiful Socks terribly, as she was their constant companion and workmate on the farm.

DogLost Appeal Stolen Dogs Socks {DogLost} #Border Collie #Socks #England #MissingDog #StolenDog #DogLost

The Day Socks Went Missing

On a normal Saturday, July summer’s day, Socks was out working on the farm, with Desmond, where she disappeared from near the field gate, which goes out on to a road. Initially, it was assumed that she had been distracted, possibly by a deer, and that she would make her way home, but sadly, she has never been seen since that day.

Searching For Stolen Socks

In the early days, lots of ground searches were carried out, along with time spent with experienced dog searchers with food stations searching for Socks. Time was spent at local shows, postering and spreading the word about missing Socks. However, as the behaviour was so out of character for Socks and there were no sightings at all, the formal decision was made to change the status to Stolen.

Since Socks went missing the search for her has been relentless. Desmond and Katherin have followed up every lead, contacted local wardens, vets and rescue centres. They have created posters, printed t-shirts, a FACEBOOK group, checked selling sites and have had good contact with the police and some traveller links. Thanks to social media the reach has been wide in the UK and Ireland with great support from family and the farming community.

DogLost Appeal Stolen Dogs Socks {DogLost} #Border Collie #Socks #England #MissingDog #StolenDog #DogLost

About Socks

Socks was not only a working dog, working with the cattle on the farm, she was a family member and companion in the home. Socks is a bright and cheerful dog. A young and bouncy collie, approachable and friendly, with two distinctive white ‘socks’ on her front legs. The day Socks went missing she was wearing a brown and white checked collar, she is microchipped, with no medical issues and she wasn’t spayed.

DogLost Appeal Stolen Dogs Socks {DogLost} #Border Collie #Socks #England #MissingDog #StolenDog #DogLost

The Impact of Stolen Socks

Socks’ absence is having a significant impact on Desmond & Katherin’s lives, not just form the working point of view but also she was their companion in the home. They are used to always having a companion dog, so not having Socks around has left a real hole in their lives. They will not get another dog until they know what has happened to Socks.

DogLost Appeal Stolen Dogs Socks {DogLost} #Border Collie #Socks #England #MissingDog #StolenDog #DogLost

A Message To Anyone Who Has Any Information

Desmond and Katherin will continue their, already relentless, search for Socks until she is home. To the person/people who are holding her,


Socks has a crime number and so, whoever is holding her is potentially committing a crime. Socks needs to be back on the farm with her family. Whoever you are, you know it or suspect it and she is getting too hot for you to handle.

There is a reward for information leading to Socks’ safe return, no questions asked.

Please continue to help much loved Socks get home to her ‘Dad’, to the work she so enjoyed, and her family.

DogLost Appeal Stolen Dogs Socks {DogLost} #Border Collie #Socks #England #MissingDog #StolenDog #DogLost

Stolen Sock’s DogLost Profile

If anyone has any information relating to Sock’s disappearance or knows where she is, please contact DogLost on 0844 8003220, quoting Socks ~ ID

Sock’s DogLost Profile ~

DogLost Appeal Stolen Dogs Socks {DogLost} #Border Collie #Socks #England #MissingDog #StolenDog #DogLost

DogLost Social Media

DogLost has an active presence on;

Thank you to Rachel at The PawPost for connecting me with DogLost, so that I can help in the search for missing/stolen dogs.

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