DogLost Appeal ~ Missing Dog Louie, Yorkshire Terrier

Missing Dog Louie ~ September 2012, Kings Norton

On the evening of 25 September 2012 a very handsome Louie, a male Yorkshire Terrier went missing from his home in Kings Norton, Birmingham, when he managed to sneak out of an open door, that had been left open as the family were having building work done on their home. The past six and a bit years haven’t numbed the pain, the family haven’t given up on the hope that one day he will be scanned and his microchip will tell the story of his disappearance and where he has been. 

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The Day Louie Went Missing

Remembering the day the nightmare began, Rachael, Louie’s mum says “Louie was seen by our neighbour, who panicked and went to pick him up, which spooked Louie and he ran off onto the canal path close to our home. We think he was following our daily route to Kings Norton playing fields.

When we heard this, we raced towards that direction in desperation. Panic had already set in at this point, I just wanted to find him and bring him home. I never thought for one moment that I wouldn’t find him and I certainly didn’t think that nearly seven years later my little boy, still wouldn’t be home.”

What Rachael does know is that a couple of runners saw Louie running in the field, so she knows he had headed to a place of routine and normality. They too tried to run after him, in an attempt to pick him up but, in “flight mode”, he managed to out run them and headed up the hill to Cotteridge.

DogLost Appeal Missing Dogs Louie {DogLost} #Yorkshire Terrier #Louie #England #MissingDog #StolenDog #DogLost

The Last Known Sighting of Louie

The last known sighting of Louie was outside of Sophie’s Choice Chip Shop on Cotteridge Island but, sadly, by the time Rachael, and her family,  heard about this positive sighting and managed to get there, he was nowhere to be seen. Despite significant searching over the coming days, and weeks, in the local and surrounding areas – both during the day and at night – the family never saw Louie again. There have been no more confirmed sightings since.

DogLost Appeal Missing Dogs Louie {DogLost} #Yorkshire Terrier #Louie #England #MissingDog #StolenDog #DogLost

Never Giving Up

In the, nearly, 7 years since, Rachael has never once given up on Louie and tries to raise the awareness that he is still missing at every opportunity she gets. He was four years old when he went missing, which would make him nearly 11 years old now. Rachael would dearly love to know where he is and hopes that whoever found him and took him in, has given him the very best life possible but she desperately wishes to have her “little button back in her arms”.

“Louie was, and still is, very much a part of our family and words aren’t enough to describe the pain we feel on a daily basis having to live without him. Our lives revolved around him and he was very much a part of everything we did.”

“He came everywhere with us, days out, holidays, weekends away. Every single day with Louie was so funny as he is the cheekiest little boy with the biggest personality. He was always a joy to be around. We knew how lucky we were to have him, he was perfect and he was the centre of our world.” 

When Louie went missing, Rachael says that the family lost a massive part of their lives.

“There was, and still is, an incredibly huge void that will never be filled until we are reunited.”

DogLost Appeal Missing Dogs Louie {DogLost} #Yorkshire Terrier #Louie #England #MissingDog #StolenDog #DogLost

The Continued Search for Louie

Rachael and her family have done everything possible to try and find their precious Louie. They have spent months and months looking for him, printing thousands of missing posters, postering locally and further afield.

They sent posters and emails to every veterinary practice in the West Midlands, in the hope his microchip had been scanned and he had been registered with another family within one of the practices but sadly, the vets that responded confirmed that they hadn’t had a dog matching Louie’s description and microchip number registered with them.

“We spent nights sleeping out in the car in areas with possible sightings. We’ve done interviews, TV appearances, we’ve spent hours scrolling through missing dog posts, chasing similar found dogs, ringing around dog homes and continually checking the microchip database.

We’ve spent thousands in the search for our boy. It’s truly been a heart-breaking, heart wrenching ordeal and there’s absolutely no closure for us but I will never give up hope that one day, he will be scanned and I will finally know where he is. I would do anything to see him again.”

DogLost Appeal Missing Dogs Louie {DogLost} #Yorkshire Terrier #Louie #England #MissingDog #StolenDog #DogLost

About Louie

Louie is a black & tan Yorkshire terrier. He is neutered, microchipped and is particularly small for his breed. Rachael mentions that he quite often got mistaken for a cat. 

“We really do just need Louie home. If you have Louie, please allow him to come home to his family. He needs to know that we’ve never given up on him and, we never will, so if you have any information, no matter how little, please contact me or DogLost on the details on his poster or you can message me through the ‘Find Louie’ FACEBOOK page” 

In recent weeks, we have seen dogs returned to their owners six and even nine years later so the search goes on for Louie.

DogLost Appeal Missing Dogs Louie {DogLost} #Yorkshire Terrier #Louie #England #MissingDog #StolenDog #DogLost

Missing Louie’s DogLost Profile

If anyone has any information relating to Louie’s case or knows where he is, please do contact DogLost on 0844 800 3220, quoting dog ID 43360

Louie’s DogLost Profile ~

DogLost Appeal Missing Dogs Louie {DogLost} #Yorkshire Terrier #Louie #England #MissingDog #StolenDog #DogLost

DogLost Social Media

DogLost has an active presence on;

Thank you to Rachel at The PawPost for connecting me with DogLost, so that I can help in the search for missing/stolen dogs.

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