Dog Soft Toy Review ~ Your Dog Will Love Sammy Squirrel!

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Dog Soft Toy Staying Power

Dog Soft Toy {Dog Soft Toys} #DogToy #Dog SoftToy #Squirrel #Review www.scruffylittleterrier.comHow long do they last in your household? With our two terriers, any dog soft toy we buy suffers very quickly!

The ‘Deading’ Process

First, they start by killing the squeak (how do they do that so quickly?). Then they move on to chewing off any appendage; ears, arms, legs, tail… this can take sometime. They will happily lie down, gnawing away until the appendage is off. We have to quickly grab the soggy (yuk!), chewed up piece before one of them decides they will eat it as a snack!

Next, they decide to attack the seams, with the sole purpose of making a hole and getting to the all important stuffing. It never ceases to amaze me how much stuffing comes out of these toys. You think they must have it all out, then, the next thing you know, the carpet is covered again in white snowballs of stuffing (Sandy’s favourite trick)! Does a stuffing fairy come in overnight and re-stuff the toys? 😆

I am forever throwing away, chewed up, legless, armless dog soft toys. I am forever buying new soft toys, in the hope they might last a bit longer.

Is Any Dog Soft Toy Safe?

Hahaha… I think we all know the answer to this question… NO! Well, not with terriers anyway.

I have been known to sew up the holes they make, but as soon as I give the toy back, Barney makes it his task to chew my wonderful stitching (OK, not wonderful at all!) and it doesn’t take his gnashers long to open up the hole again. We do still have the soft toy which was given to us when we brought him home from Battersea Dogs Home, but after numerous sewing operations, I have hidden him away, for safe keeping (I know, I don’t really know why, sentimental I suppose).

Dog Soft Toy {Dog Soft Toys} #DogToy #Dog SoftToy #Squirrel #Review www.scruffylittleterrier.comSammy Squirrel by Animals Instincts

A soft toy that’s standing the test of time (or terrier teeth).  😆

Sandy loves squirrels, she will sit out in the garden for hours waiting and watching the squirrels jumping around the trees. Just hoping that one might come down into the garden.

So, for her birthday in May, I bought ‘Sammy Squirrel’, from Animal Instincts, part of the Forest Friends range.

Sammy Squirrel has a squeaker, is made from plush premium ultra soft fabric and is machine washable. He has a full, bushy tail too. It does say that “this toy is not designed for excess chewers” but so far Sammy seems to be holding his own.

Dog Soft Toy {Dog Soft Toys} #DogToy #Dog SoftToy #Squirrel #Review www.scruffylittleterrier.comDamage report

  • one chewed off ear,
  • one ear chewed up, but still attached, and
  • one small hole on his back.

That is pretty good going for 4 full months of chewing by two tenacious terriers! The tail is still intact, the stuffing is still inside and apart from his ears, he looks in good nick.



A Recommended Dog Soft Toy Purchase

Dog Soft Toy {Dog Soft Toys} #DogToy #Dog SoftToy #Squirrel #Review www.scruffylittleterrier.comBoth Barney and Sandy love Sammy Squirrel. I am so impressed with his durability that I bought Barney, Barry Badger for his birthday, which next Saturday, 16 September. We can’t quite believe he will be 4 years old!

All these soft toys come in either small or large size, I have bought large both times. As well as Sammy Squirrel and Barry Badger in the Forest Friends collection, there are also these other characters;

  • Frankie Fox,
  • Sally Stoat,
  • Ollie Owl,
  • Raymond Rabbit,
  • Walter Woodpecker, and
  • Flora Frog

Oh, I can feel a forest gathering of dog soft toys coming on!  😉

I will let you know how they get on with Barry Badger! I’m sure your dog will love which ever one you chose and you’ll enjoy not having to pick up stuffing every night!

Do you have a favourite dog soft toy that’s lasted the terrier test? Let us know in the ‘Comments’ below.

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24 Responses

  1. Avatar

    With little kids in the house, we generally avoid stuffed toys! The few we had when our dogs were younger never had long lives! It was more work for me to pick up all the time lol! This is cute!

    • Avatar

      I spend my evening going round and collecting all the dogs’ toys up! hahaha

  2. Avatar
    Sweet Purrfections

    My mom’s dog is a terrible chewer and he can destroy a toy in a matter of minutes. I received a toy from a company when I attended GPE two years ago and it’s still intact. He loves it!

  3. Avatar
    Irene McHugh

    Sammy Squirrel is just adorable! And I feel like he would get along well with Marvin Moose and Jenny Giraffe, two key members of the McSquare household. Surprisingly, our stuffies have endured chewing and pulling well…so far…but that doesn’t mean we can’t expand our plushie menagerie!

    • Avatar

      I think you definitely need to expand your plushie menagerie :o)

  4. Avatar

    Oh, you had my FiveSibes at “squirrel!” (And me, too!) This is so adorable! I know they would love these. Hmmm…Santa Paws time is not that far off, Mom may have to do a little Husky shopping! Thanks for the great review!

    • Avatar

      Make sure you add Sammy Squirrel to your Xmas wish list ;o)

  5. Avatar

    So awesome you found a soft toy to survive the terrier test! I have large dogs that I labeled “power chewers” for their ability to shred anything within seconds. It’s gotten to the point where we can choose only one or two items for chewing, and nothing else. Even balls have to be taken away after fetch because they’ll shred them or in the case of rubber balls, take away the squeaker. The good news is my daughters learned to keep all their stuffed animals in their playroom so my house looks great!

    • Avatar

      There’s always a positive outcome, even from chewers! hahaha…

  6. Avatar
    Beth (@dailydogtag)

    I might have to get some of these forest friends for my dogs. Theo is usually pretty rough on his toys, but he has a favorite plush carrot that he doesn’t tear apart Most toys only last a few minutes before he takes out all the stuffing.

    • Avatar

      Theo sounds the same as our two… maybe Sammy Squirrel might last a bit longer for Theo too!

  7. Avatar

    This is such a cute toy. And quite durable. Most toys in my home don’t last that long 😀

  8. Avatar
    The Daily Pip

    Sammy the Squirrel is pretty adorable. Ruby is part terrier BUT she is afraid of any toys that squeak (clearly she missed that terrier gene) and she is not much into deading things. Barry the Badger sounds fun, too.

    • Avatar

      Awww Ruby, you will have to find soft toys that don’t squeak…

  9. Avatar
  10. Avatar

    Squirrel! Funny how dogs know what that means 😉 People marvel at how my dog still has toys from years ago that have not been de-stuffed yet! But it seems we are missing a lot of noses on our toys!

    • Avatar

      Hahaha… it is funny how they know what squirrel means, you are very good not to ruin all your toys! :o)

  11. Avatar

    I am a cat person (we have 7) but this had me in fits. They really do go for it don’t they!

    Finding a dog toy that is durable must be hard work!!!!

  12. Avatar
    • Avatar

      I’m not sure Barney or Sandy will every be past the ‘deading’ stage!?

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