Dog Lost Appeal ~ Stolen Dog Milo, Maltipoo

Stolen Milo ~ 13 Mar 2019, Maidenhead

For those of us that have had our dogs since they were pups, we know how protective we are of them in those first few months together. How you want to spend every moment you can with them, Stephanie Goodchild, who lives near Reading in Berkshire, was no exception.

She bought Milo, an apricot Maltipoo when he was just 10 weeks old and he’d never, really, left her side from that first day. Steph was also very committed to not leaving him for long spells at home so did what many of us do in similar circumstances; carefully researched doggy day care and boarders, so she could call upon someone that she knew and trusted, should she ever need Milo looked after.

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“We were recommended a dog boarder with many years’ experience so, after a visit, we decided to book Milo in for a half-day trial to see how he got on and to be honest, it was more for my benefit to see if I could trust someone else to look after him” she recalls.

The Day Milo Went Missing

On 13 Mar 2019, Steph dropped Milo off at lunch time and arrange to pick him up at 5:30pm. Sadly, this is the last time she saw her “little ray of sunshine”.

The afternoon seemed to be going well, the sitter sent several images of Milo enjoying himself which calmed a nervous Steph. Later that afternoon Milo was taken to Pinkneys Drive, SL6 in Maidenhead for a short walk before it was time for him to be picked up and this is when Steph’s nightmare started.

The sitter picked Milo up from the car, went to attach his lead to his harness and he bolted – and this is the last confirmed sighting of Milo.

DogLost Appeal Stolen Dog Milo {DogLost} #Maidenhead #Maltipoo #Milo #England #MissingDog #StolenDog #DogLost

Searching For Milo

Steph remembers getting the call that changed everything for her “I received a call at around 5 o’clock to tell me he was missing, I immediately drove to the area to try to find him. We searched the area until gone midnight, by which time it was pitch black and pouring with rain. I was in an absolute panic.”

“The hardest thing I have ever done was drive home without him that night but as we had not even seen a glimpse of him and it was pitch black it was hopeless.”

“I couldn’t rest that evening, not without him so as soon as I got home I spent the whole night awake registering his microchip as missing and registering him on as many lost dog websites as possible.”

“At 6 am the next morning we were back in the area he went missing and there until 11 pm that night. I was literally crawling through bushes and bramble, going round the nearby housing estate and knocking on doors. I just couldn’t believe that someone hadn’t seen him or found him and was keeping him safe.”

“We took some of his bedding to hide in the bushes with food and a few of his favourite toys in the hope he may go back to the area he was last seen but sadly he never returned.”

DogLost Appeal Stolen Dog Milo {DogLost} #Maidenhead #Maltipoo #Milo #England #MissingDog #StolenDog #DogLost

The Continued Search

“As I no longer work, I continued to go back to that spot every morning for the next 3 weeks and spend all day, walking different routes and putting up hundreds of posters, posting leaflets and knocking on doors of local residents asking them to check gardens, sheds and anywhere that he could possible still be hiding. I even went to Maidenhead sorting office to ensure all the postman had a picture of him just in case he was spotted. I also contacted all local vets, pet shops and dog groomers. I wanted to make sure that everyone knew he was missing and that he wasn’t a stray and very much loved.”

“One of the most soul-destroying elements of searching for your lost/ stolen dog has to be thoroughly searching dog selling sites. Whilst I hope to spot him so that I can bring him home, I also worry what situation he is in, for someone to want to sell him.”

Local Support for Stolen Milo

Steph has also enlisted the support of her local newspaper; placing a half page advert in it to reach those that may not be on social media and several people have come forward to help with permission-granted drone searching and also thermal cameras but neither detected Milo.

A sniffer dog also came over to help but due to the bad weather, the dog was unable to follow a scent.

“We’ve had literally hundreds of people out searching for Milo and this is what I don’t get. If he had been hurt, injured or worse – I am very confident someone would have found something so our only option now is that either someone found Milo and thought he was a stray and unwanted – which absolutely isn’t the case – or more sinisterly, someone found him and kept him which I now know happens a lot and is absolutely heartbreaking.”

DogLost Appeal Stolen Dog Milo {DogLost} #Maidenhead #Maltipoo #Milo #England #MissingDog #StolenDog #DogLost

Theft By Finding

This belief that Milo has become a victim of “theft by finding” is further bolstered by the fact a man was seen in the area, just after Milo disappeared carrying a dog matching his description and, because of this, the family have been able to report Milo as stolen. Thames Valley Police have issued a crime reference number, for stolen Milo’s case.

Appealing to anyone that has Milo or knows where he is now, Steph says;

If you have Milo please let him come home to his family. My children are devastated. I can appreciate if someone bought him not knowing he was stolen they will have fallen in love with him but please think of our family and how we feel. We are offering a very large finder’s fee which would buy at least 5 Maltipoos like Milo.

Milo isn’t “just a dog”, he’s our dog and a much loved, missed family member; he belongs home with us. If you know anyone who recently got a new dog fitting his description or if it’s you, I beg you please, please take him to the vet and have his microchip checked.

If you have him or know who does please do the right thing.”

Milo was 8 months old when he went missing and was wearing a Julius K9 Harness at the time with the family phone number on it. He is microchipped and this chip has now been recorded as “missing/stolen dog”.

DogLost Appeal Stolen Dog Milo {DogLost} #Maidenhead #Maltipoo #Milo #England #MissingDog #StolenDog #DogLost

Stolen Milo’s DogLost Profile

If you have any information relating to Milo, please contact DogLost on 0844 800 3220, quoting dog ID 141440

Milo’s DogLost Profile ~ click here

Milo’s Facebook Page ~ click here

DogLost Appeal Stolen Dog Milo {DogLost} #Maidenhead #Maltipoo #Milo #England #MissingDog #StolenDog #DogLost

DogLost Social Media

DogLost has an active presence on;

Thank you to Rachel at The PawPost for connecting me with DogLost, so that I can help in the search for missing/stolen dogs.

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