Dog Lost Appeal ~ Missing Dog Rufus, Staffy Cross

Missing Rufus ~ 24 February 2019, Cornwall

On the morning of Sunday, 24 February 2019 Rufus, an eight year old Staffy cross, his owner Tim, the family’s other dog Milo and mother-in-law’s dog Kenny went for a walk at Kynance Cove, a National Trust spot on the eastern side of Mount’s Bay, in Cornwall.

The three dogs and Tim walked down the cove and up the steep path to the top of Kynance Cove when suddenly there were gunshots. Rufus, who hated the sound of gunfire bolted further up the path. Tim could still see him but by the time he reached the end of the path, Rufus had totally vanished.

In a sheer panic, Tim ran back along the path to the car park, shouting for Rufus and asking people he passed to see whether they’d seen him but sadly no one had. When Tim got back to his van, Rufus wasn’t there and at that point Tim knew something must have happened to him.

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Searching for Rufus

Tim called his wife Heather who immediately made the short journey to Kynance Cove from their home and the search for their beloved Rufus began.

Heather says “We did an extensive search of the area, telling as many people as we could as there were quite a few people at Kynance out walking. We also told the National Trust car park attendant who said he would keep a look out for him.

After extensive searching I went home to be there just in case Rufus made his way home as he knew the area very well and we believed, and still do, that it was possible. I also informed our neighbours, friends and relatives who immediately went out to help with the search.”

DogLost Appeal Missing Dog Rufus {DogLost} #Cornwall #StaffyCross #Rufus #England #MissingDog #StolenDog #DogLost

Extensive Searching for Missing Rufus

“Tim carried on searching for the rest of the day and then we both went out again to Kynance well into the dark along with friends and relatives.

We carried on searching for days, never once did I give up hope that he would appear, a little shaken but alive and well – sadly, that never happened.”

The family extensively postered in the area and brought in a drone to search the cliffs as, although they firmly believed he hadn’t had an accident, they wanted to make sure and put their minds at rest, the best they could.

There was no sign of Rufus, off the cliff’s edge, after comprehensive searching and he was quite a way back from the edge when he was last seen by Tim.

Social Media Awareness

After the initial few days of searching the family turned to social media to raise awareness for Rufus in the hope someone had found him or to ask hikers and dog walkers in the area to keep a look out for him, just in case he was living feral up there.

“We are very much still searching for him and although we have to fit in around work, he’s very much our priority. The local community have been so supportive and they also continue to search of our beautiful boy.”

DogLost Appeal Missing Dog Rufus {DogLost} #Cornwall #StaffyCross #Rufus #England #MissingDog #StolenDog #DogLost

A Lovable, Friendly Dog

Rufus is a lovable, friendly dog and has a super personality. He enjoys his life to the full, and when the family take him out for walks he is so excited, runs around rolling on the ground and running in circles.

He is a very loving dog, gets on so well with all his family and their other dog Milo. 

Everyone who meets him loves him. He is very vocal (not barking) but yawns very loudly and makes whining noises when excited. 

He is also a very early riser. Since the day the family have had him he wakes us up as soon as the sun comes up.

DogLost Appeal Missing Dog Rufus {DogLost} #Cornwall #StaffyCross #Rufus #England #MissingDog #StolenDog #DogLost

We Are Absolutely Devastated

“We cannot put into words how Rufus’ disappearance has affected us. It has been absolutely devastating. Our daughter Holly who has spent a lot of time with him is also devastated. She has been the one sorting out all the Facebook stuff for us and it has been very difficult for her.

We had Rufus as a rescued puppy at 11 weeks old and since he came into our lives he has been a bundle of fun.

DogLost Appeal Missing Dog Rufus {DogLost} #Cornwall #StaffyCross #Rufus #England #MissingDog #StolenDog #DogLost

Our other rescued dog, Milo, is not the same since Rufus went missing. At first he didn’t want to go out walking at all but after much encouragement he is getting better. He seems to have lost his confidence and is frightened of passing other dogs, although when he does get closer and sniffs them he enjoys seeing them and wants to play. Obviously we cannot explain to him where Rufus is.

We feel in limbo and it’s been very difficult to carry on with our lives. We have had to go back to work but we are finding it very difficult to go forward. We miss him every minute of every day and cannot believe that this has happened, it’s like a never event. 

We have researched dogs going feral and thought that this was what he had done but the longer he is missing the more doubtful I am becoming.

Every night we leave the porch door open in case he comes home during the night and in the morning it’s the first thing we check when we get up.”

Appealing To Everyone For Missing Rufus

Appealing to anyone who may have seen Rufus on the day or in the day’s after he went missing, Heather says;

“If there is anyone out there who knows where he is, or what has happened to him please, please, please could you let us know. You can do it anonymously, even if you have him and don’t want to give him back please let us know he is safe and happy.”

Rufus is neutered and microchipped and he was wearing a collar and harness when he went missing.

DogLost Appeal Missing Dog Rufus {DogLost} #Cornwall #StaffyCross #Rufus #England #MissingDog #StolenDog #DogLost

Missing Rufus’ DogLost Profile

If anyone has any information relating to Rufus’s case or knows where he is, please do contact DogLost on 0844 800 3220, quoting dog ID 140833.

There is a finder’s fee for his safe return.

Milo’s DogLost Profile ~

DogLost Appeal Missing Dog Rufus {DogLost} #Cornwall #StaffyCross #Rufus #England #MissingDog #StolenDog #DogLost

DogLost Social Media

DogLost has an active presence on;

Thank you to Rachel at The PawPost for connecting me with DogLost, so that I can help in the search for missing/stolen dogs.

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