Dog Friendly Places to East, Sleep, Drink and Shop In.

In 2013 it was estimated that, in the UK, some 8.5 million homes (25% of households) have dogs, out of 71 million homes in total who have some sort of pet.

Considering, then, that we are a nation of dog lovers, there appears to be so many places where dogs are not welcome. Most shops, malls, hotels, pubs and restaurants show a ‘No Dogs Allowed, Assistance Dogs Only’ sign. Many parks have ‘dog exercise areas’ a tiny part of the park where you can let your dog off the lead and areas where dogs are not allowed at all.

However, there are places that are dog friendly but it’s hard to find them, or know that they are, it would be a great initiative to have signs which say ‘Dogs Welcomed Here’ it would make it much easier to know where we could take our beloved dogs, so they are not left at home, because any owner will tell you that your dog just wants to be with you.

Here you will find reviews of places to visit, eat, stay and shop where dogs are welcome.

We’d love to hear your experiences, good or bad, of places you have visited and hopefully this will become a source you return to frequently for dog friendly information.