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Delicious and Healthy Treats Your Dog Will Love

‘Hounds About Town’ Naturally Heathy Dog Treats

Let’s be honest, most dogs will eat and enjoy any treats you give them (OK, I know there are a few fussy eaters out there, but I’m talking generally here). So whether they are healthy, natural dog treats or the ones I call ‘bad treats’, it is up to us, as owners, to choose ‘good’ treats for our dogs.

What Do I Look For When Choosing Treats?

Ideally, treats that we buy for the dogs would satisfy most of the following;

  • 100% Natural
  • Wheat free and Dairy Free
  • No Added Sugar
  • No Additives, Preservatives, Colourants, Chemicals or Dyes
  • Made in the Britain with ingredients sourced in the UK
  • Traceability

Luckily, this is what Hounds About Town is all about, great tasting treats (I’m sure humans could, safely, give them a try) with a real ‘lack’ of ingredients.

So Who Are Hounds About Town?

Healthy Dog Treats {Dog Treats} #DogHealth #DogTreats #Dogs www.scruffylittleterrier.comI discovered Hounds About Town via word of mouth and Instagram (they way most small businesses are discovered these days, such a great platform!).

Sarah, the owner, after 10 years of being an Animal Nursing Assistant, in London, set-up a dog walking business. She has two dogs of her own, one who has some dietary intolerances and another with behavioural issues.

Both of these problems can be affected by the food we give our dogs. So, with her passion and interest in canine nutrition, Sarah decided to  source some all-meat treats for her dogs. She found a small business in the north of England, which buys directly from local farmers and makes the treats themselves.

After buying the treats, she decided to stock them on her stall at Greenwich market. The dogs loved them but, more importantly, they didn’t affect her dogs’ intolerances. She believes in these ‘ridiculously tasty’ treats can be used in conjunction with training and mental stimulation (the Pizzle sticks definitely fulfil both those criteria!) and we completely agree.

So What Did We Order?

Having seen some of the treats on HAT’s Instagram feed, it was hard to know which ones to go for, as there’s quite a selection:

  • Moo Tubes,
  • Roast Beef Chews,
  • Venison Chews/Sausages,
  • Roast Lamb Munchies,
  • Pizzle sticks, and
  • Little Dog Box and Big Dog Box

I mean, let’s be honest here, Barney and Sandy would love the whole lot! However, with the idea of getting a selection to try (a bit like a Christmas Selection Box  😉 ) I bought the Little Dog Box which at £10.00 (plus p&p) I think is great value and contains;

  • 2x Beef Chews
  • 1x Wild Scottish Venison Strips 100g
  • 1x Small Pizzle
  • 1x Puff Jerky
  • 1x Moist Gourmet Liver Sausages (pack of 5)
  • and Sarah, kindly threw in a couple of extras too!

Healthy Dog Treats {Dog Treats} #DogHealth #DogTreats #Dogs www.scruffylittleterrier.comThe order arrived quickly and the dogs were keen for me to open the box up! As you can see, Barney and Sandy did their bit to help! It’s all beautifully packaged and would make a perfect gift to send to dogs.

Healthy Dog Treats {Dog Treats} #DogHealth #DogTreats #Dogs

So far, the Pizzle sticks, the Roast Beef chews and the Liver Sausages have all been devoured by Barney and Sandy. Apart from the Liver Sausages, all the items have a long best before date. With the Liver Sausages being two weeks in the fridge, once opened.

Healthy Dog Treats {Dog Treats} #DogHealth #DogTreats #Dogs

Highly Recommended Dog Treats

I am always keen to support small, local businesses who make high quality, natural products for dogs. What could be better than giving your dog healthy treats, that they will love?

So if you love to treat you dog, then give Hounds About Town a try, you won’t be disappointed and neither will your dogs.

Tell them Barney & Sandy sent you  😉 .

Healthy Dog Treats {Dog Treats} #DogHealth #DogTreats #Dogs


Hounds About Town

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