Delicious Doggy Birthday Cake by The Hungry Hounds Bakery

A Doggy Birthday Cake, For A Real Birthday Treat

Who doesn’t like to feel special on their birthday? I know I do, I also love spoiling my friends and family too. Since Barney and Sandy are part of our family, then, it goes without saying, that I am going to spoil them on their special day (some might think I’m a bit crazy but it gives me as much joy to buy presents for Barney and Sandy as it does for the special people in my life).

This year I decided to treat Barney to a doggy birthday cake. I first heard of The Hungry Hounds Bakery on Twitter (good old social media!) and saw a few pictures of their fab doggy cakes. I thought it was a great idea and the cakes looked really good.

The Hungry Hounds Bakery

I headed on over to The Hungry Hounds Bakery website, what a cute website it is! With their logo being inspired by their two labradoodles, they appear in avatar form all over the site. It’s easy to use with lots of information about their doggy cakes, treats and their ethos.

The hard decision was deciding which birthday cake to order, oh and then there’s treats and pupcakes too! I could’ve bought quite a few things, but since we only have two dogs, I thought it better not to go too over the top (phew, said my husband! haha).Doggy Birthday Cake #Birthday #Treats #DoggyBirthdayCake #Dog Friendly #Reviews

About Hungry Hounds Bakery

Doors opened for business in 2012 because of Rachel’s (the owner) love of baking. She loves baking for dogs, not humans, so it is unlikely we will ever spot her on “The Great British Bake-Off”. Although, maybe there’s an idea here for a dog baking programme!

It is not Rachel’s ambition to be the biggest bakery, but to strive to be one of the best. All of their products are baked and decorated fresh to order, using only the finest ingredients. No mass production here.

The Ingredients

If you have read any of our other blog posts on treats, you might know that I am very keen on ensuring we give Barney and Sandy natural, healthy, sourced dog food and treats.

Doggy Birthday Cake #Birthday #Treats #DoggyBirthdayCake #Dog Friendly #Reviews www.scruffylittleterrier.comThis is one of the reasons that I like to support the small businesses, because you really do know what is going into the food. No unrecognisable words on their ingredients list!

  • Human grade ingredients
  • Organic Rye Flour is used for the cakes and treats
  • Natural peanut butter, with no additives (non peanut butter variety also available)
  • Carob powder and chips are dog safe and do not contain Theobromine or added sugar
  • Natural based colourants with no additives
  • No meat or animal by-products in the cakes
  • Topping is sugar-free, yoghurt based and formulated just for dogs.
  • Taste tested by humans and Rachel’s two labradoodles

So Much To Choose From

Once I started browsing the website, I realised just how much choice there is. In ‘Dogfectionary and Treats‘ there are so many delicious looking treats, all with fun names, such as; ‘Pawreos’ ‘Furreros Confectionary’ ‘Grrruffles’ and ‘Character Creams’ biscuits. Someone had a lot of fun coming up with those names! You really need to go and check them out NOW!

After looking at everything, I decided to go for a Celebration Cake at £15.99. The cake can be personalised with different biscuit toppers, your own message and the icing colour.

Now, you might be thinking, £15.99 for a doggy birthday cake! I can get a human one cheaper in M&S (or other food stores). However, bear in mind that this is a hand baked, no nasties included, personalised cake. All cakes are shipped the day after baking, so they are as fresh as the day they leave the Hungry Hounds bakery and they look just fab. The taste pretty good too, I had a little nibble, just to check!

Hungry Hounds do require a minimum of 10 days from date of order to delivery, but you can order up to 12 months in advance. As the cakes are fresh, they do not recommend you freeze them and each cake comes with a best before date. Deliveries are on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday only and are guaranteed before 12 pm (although mine was delivered just after 12 o’clock), although some Scottish deliveries have an all day delivery time slot, but you do receive an email and text advising of your slot on the day.

Doggy Birthday Cake #Birthday #Treats #DoggyBirthdayCake #Dog Friendly #Reviews

Doggy Birthday Cake Success

Barney and Sandy couldn’t wait to get stuck into the birthday cake, they were very patient whilst I took lots of photos! Although Sandy did get a few licks of the cake in before I could give them each a slice. The biscuits round the side of the cake were enjoyed too, they both chomped on a few of those! It is recommended that cakes are consumed within 5 days of delivery (2 days for pupcakes) but it definitely won’t last that long.

Doggy Birthday Cake #Birthday #Treats #DoggyBirthdayCake #Dog Friendly #Reviews www.scruffylittleterrier.comA truly scrumptious doggy birthday cake treat, for our really special boy, and it’s big enough to share with Sandy (who has such a sweet tooth!).

I’m sure your dogs would love a Hungry Hounds Birthday Cake too! If you don’t have time (or aren’t very good at baking, like me) then this is the perfect solution.


The Hungry Hounds Bakery




20 Responses

  1. Avatar

    Ah! These are so cute! I am dying to get a hold of a cute doggie birthday cake in a December for my big guy!

    • Avatar

      Hope you find one, I can’t believe there aren’t companies in the US, sadly Hungry Hounds Bakery is UK based and as their cakes are freshly baked they wouldn’t ship to the US!

  2. Avatar

    I don’t think that’s crazy. I love spoiling my crew, too! I can’t imagine how excited you (and they) were when it arrived. Even the packaging is beautiful. Happy Birthday, Barney!

    • Avatar

      I was very excited, as the cake looked so good… the dogs just wanted to scoff it hahaha!

  3. Avatar
    Irene McHugh

    That cake is just too cute! Looks like Barney and Sandy enjoyed every crumb. How funny that the Hungry Hounds Bakery says the cake will last for five days. I guess people could delay giving the cake to their pup, but that treat looks so good I can’t imagine a dog not gobbling up every bite in one sitting.

    • Avatar

      Hahaha… well the cake lasted 3 days for us, didn’t want to give it to them in one go!

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  5. Avatar
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    Beth (@dailydogtag)

    I am not going to lie, I was keying in that birthday cake in your other post. I’ve never splurged on a fancy cake for my dogs, but I really want to. I’m pinning this for my next dog party!

    • Avatar

      Ah hope you find someone local that will make you one!

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    Paroma Chakravarty

    So much fun to see Barney wolf down is cake! We have a bakery in SF too but nothing like Hungry hounds bakery ! So much creativity and thoughtfulness in baking the very best for our pups!

    • Avatar

      They have some fab creations coming up for Christmas time, we are very excited!

  9. Avatar
    Stephanie Seger

    I am in the process of planning Sulley and Junior’s birthdays right now so this post is timely. What a great idea! I am not a great cook, let alone a baker, so this might work out perfect for me. 🙂 Thank you!

    • Avatar

      Hopefully you will be able to find someone who can bake a delicious cake for your dogs, in the US. The Hungry Hounds Bakery is in the UK and as they are freshly baked they couldn’t ship to the US. Sadly, for you… hooray for us! ?

  10. Avatar

    Happy 4th birthday to Barney…a little late! His cake from Hungry Hounds Bakery is absolutely adorable! Looks like he and Sandy enjoyed every bite! I’ll definitely check out their website.

  11. Avatar
    Kamira Gayle

    Glad Barney loved his birthday cake. I never heard of Hungry Hounds bakery before. I’ll be sure to share with my dog loving friends. What a delicious treat. And I for one think it’s never too much to spoil your furkids!

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