Crazy Dog Lady Summer Dog Friendly Event, London

Prosecco & Pupcakes Summer Party

On Saturday, Barney and I headed out for a little adventure up to Covent Garden in London to attend the inaugural event hosted by Crazy Dog Lady Events – for all crazy dog ladies and their dogs!

Crazy Dog Lady {Dog Friendly Events} #CrazyDogLady #DogFriendly #Events #London #Pupcakes #Puppachinos

It was another glorious day in London, the sun was shining and London is at her finest when the sun shines.

We got the train, then a cab to the venue and as soon as we turned into the street, we knew where the event was happening. There, on the red carpet (yes, a red carpet!) were lots of dogs (with their humans), waiting to go in to this VIPooch event.

Crazy Dog Lady {Dog Friendly Events} #CrazyDogLady #DogFriendly #Events #London #Pupcakes #Puppachinos

The Crazy Dog Ladies

Crazy Dog Lady Events was set up by two dog loving women, Katie Tovey-Grindlay and Muffy Hitzeroth. As well as being crazy dog ladies, Katie is behind the Twitter sensation #woofwoofwednesday and she runs Business Wonderland, which helps ‘turn your business dreams into reality’.

Muffy, along with Duke (her adorable French Bulldog) is behind the urban dog, and human, fashion brand, Duke Loves Fergie, offering stylish apparel and dog accessories.

It is safe to say that these women love dogs, so they wanted to organise an event which celebrates their love of dogs, for other dog lovers. Their vision was for an inspiring, fun and dog friendly event, sounds great doesn’t it?

Crazy Dog Lady {Dog Friendly Events} #CrazyDogLady #DogFriendly #Events #London #Pupcakes #Puppachinos

VIPooches & Crazy Dog Ladies

This is the first dog event we have attended and, to be honest, we were a little bit nervous (well I was, Barney wasn’t, he takes everything in his stride!).

Social media, especially Instagram, can be a bit weird sometimes, because you form Instagram ‘friendships’ without ever meeting the people you chat with on Instagram. Also, you follow people, like their posts, watch their stories and you feel like you know them really well, without ever having meet them. So turning up to an event, with your dog, and not knowing anyone, is quite a big thing, well for me!

Crazy Dog Lady {Dog Friendly Events} #CrazyDogLady #DogFriendly #Events #London #Pupcakes #Puppachinos

The saving grace of this event is that all the people attending are crazy dog people! We all know that dog people are friendly, if they love dogs as much as you do, then you automatically have something in common.

Luckily, for me, another border terrier owner, who I chat to on Instagram also attended the same session. I recognised her and Winston (her BT) as soon as I she walked in, it honestly felt like I had known her for ages and we were soon chatting away like old friends.

The Crazy Dog Lady Event

There were two sessions, each of two hours long, held at The Icetank in Covent Garden, solely for the Crazy Dog Lady event.

Crazy Dog Lady {Dog Friendly Events} #CrazyDogLady #DogFriendly #Events #London #Pupcakes #Puppachinos

I have to say the venue was so stylish, all white, with lots of Instagrammable areas, including a gold sequined wall, white chesterfield sofas, a rainbow wall and much more.

Crazy Dog Lady {Dog Friendly Events} #CrazyDogLady #DogFriendly #Events #London #Pupcakes #Puppachinos

Out on the white bar were the most doglicious cupcakes for humans and hounds. The human ones were vegan, almost too lovely to eat (but I managed two!) while the doggie pupcakes were woofed down very quickly, I think the two sausages sticking out helped!

Crazy Dog Lady {Dog Friendly Events} #CrazyDogLady #DogFriendly #Events #London #Pupcakes #Puppachinos

Bottomless prosecco, helped the conversation flow freely as dogs (off lead) mingled with other dogs of all shapes and sizes. Dogs were tempted by liver treats and puppacinos and while their owners chatted, they indulged!

Crazy Dog Lady {Dog Friendly Events} #CrazyDogLady #DogFriendly #Events #London #Pupcakes #Puppachinos

Barney was in his element, going round to every dog loving person, sitting nicely and giving his best ‘feed me’ eyes, he was given treats galore! Not to mention all the crumbs he woofed up from the floor (no need for sweeping at the end!).

Crazy Dog Lady {Dog Friendly Events} #CrazyDogLady #DogFriendly #Events #London #Pupcakes #Puppachinos

I managed to drag him away from the endless supply of treats for a few photo opportunities, isn’t this one with Winston just adorable?

Crazy Dog Lady {Dog Friendly Events} #CrazyDogLady #DogFriendly #Events #London #Pupcakes #Puppachinos

A Great Time Was Had By All

We really had a fun time with all the crazy dog ladies and lads. I really hope one day I might be able to take Sandy to an event like this, but at the moment she wouldn’t cope well with all the people, noise and dogs there.

With so many dogs wandering around off lead, with dogs they’d never met before, there were a few barks but otherwise all the dogs got on so well, just like their humans  😉

Crazy Dog Lady {Dog Friendly Events} #CrazyDogLady #DogFriendly #Events #London #Pupcakes #Puppachinos

Time To Say Goodbye

After lots of laughter, chatter, photos, prosecco and cupcakes it was time to leave and make way for the next session of crazy dog ladies. We said our goodbyes, hugged lots of new friends and headed out with a fabulous goodie bag including treats for pups and peeps.

Crazy Dog Lady {Dog Friendly Events} #CrazyDogLady #DogFriendly #Events #London #Pupcakes #Puppachinos

Around Covent Garden and Soho there are lots of dog friendly places to eat and shop, but after two hours we were shattered, so we headed straight home, but not before getting a little hint that there, maybe, another Crazy Dog Lady this year… psst it might be in November and it might be a Christmas one (but I didn’t tell you that, wink, wink – no pressure Katie and Muffy!).

Thank you to Katie and Muffy for organising such a stylish dog friendly event and to all their helpers on the day, we think it was a great success and can’t wait for the next one.


Crazy Dog Lady {Dog Friendly Events} #CrazyDogLady #DogFriendly #Events #London #Pupcakes #Puppachinos


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  1. Winston's mum

    It was such a great event and so wonderful to finally meet both you and Barney in person. I love the idea of another event in November!! Paws crossed. Xxx

  2. Hindy Pearson

    One of my husband’s favourite places is Covent Garden, he would have had a blast seeing all the dogs. We’re definitely living in the wrong end of the country!!

    • Michelle

      It was great fun! There might be events in the future around the country, check out I am a crazy dog lady on FB. ☺️

  3. Monika

    This looks like heaven on Earth with so many doggies running around! I would love to have something like this organized in my city, Although I have a cat, not a dog lol. But would still love to visit.

  4. kestrel42

    Those cupcakes look amazing! I wish I was in London and could join the Crazy Dog Mom fun! It is always exciting to read your posts. Thanks for sharing!

  5. felineopines

    What a wonderful idea. Although felines don’t socialize as well, Cat Owners are a friendly group so this might just be worth an adaption for the Crazy Cat Ladies ….purrhaps Prosecco & Pussy Cats?
    Anita Aurit, Purrsonal Assistant to The Tribe of Five

  6. Amy Shojai, CABC

    Oh my doG, this looks like so much fun! The pupcakes are making me drool–and what’s not to love with all the dog ladies!

  7. Ruth Epstein

    WOW what a fantastic event and I love that the dogs were off lead as it does make life and mingling so much easier. Those cupcakes look delicious and cannot wait to hear when the next one will be

  8. Chelle

    Looks like fun! Once in awhile there are dog events near me but I’ve never taken my dogs because I’m not quite sure how they’d handle it. One of my boys is afraid of strangers and the other is a bit dog selective after being attacked as a puppy. I’m glad it sounds like you and Barney had a good time!

  9. JoeHx

    Oh, my, that crazy dog lady event looks like a ton of fun!

  10. Sherri

    This would be awesome … maybe even worth flying to London for. Great idea and theme.

  11. Ruby and Kristin

    Sounds like a fun event and what’s not to love – pups, cupcakes, dog lovers! That’s a pretty great goody bag as well! Glad you had fun. I do understand about internet friends and real life friends. It’s nice when it works out and you get along in both worlds.

  12. Treeno7

    What a great event! You and Barney sure had a great time. That picture of Barney and Winston – so cute! And the pug? I bet that dog got all the treats – what a cutie.

  13. Beth

    It sounds like a wonderful event and I’m glad that everyone seemed to have a good time. I love the photos of Barney and Winston!

  14. Tenacious Little Terrier

    What a fun event! Those cupcakes look divine. All of the dog events here are on-leash. I’m curious how an off-leash environment works.

  15. Bernard Lima-Chavez

    What a fun event! And they even include crazy do lads! I love this because men are so often excluded from the conversation about pets!

  16. Jana Rade

    The pupcakes are adorable! and the backdrop sure provides a lots of bling 🙂

  17. Maureen

    Oh this looks like so much fun! I love the cupcakes too!

  18. Kristy (Pet Coupon Savings)

    What a great idea for a summer dog party! I especially love the adorable cupcakes and pupcakes. 🙂

  19. Sandy Kubillus

    The cupcakes look great. Can I have one? Sounds like you and Barney had a great time and look forward to more.

  20. Kamira

    Looks like you both had a blast! Those cupcakes though!!! Wow!! What a fun event indeed.

  21. Cathy Armato

    What a fabulous and stylish event! We love dog friendly events, we would be in heaven with this one! Those pupcakes/cupcakes all look so delish! I hope you get to attend another one, especially around the holidays!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  22. FiveSibesMom

    Wow! You had me at “Prosecco and Pupcakes!!!” What a fun event. I totally understand what you mean about forming some great “friendships” via social media, but in reality we do not know each other, so kudos to you for braving the event! It sounds like such a fun time, and what wonderful photos! I’d love to participate in a party like this near me! Thanks for sharing the fun event!


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