Christmas Gift Guide: Merry & Matching For You & Your Dog

Matchy Matchy Christmas Gifts

Welcome to our Christmas Gift Guide for your dog and you. We’ve searched the internet to find some unusual and fun gifts and guess what, they are matching! From jumpers (or sweaters for our US readers) to jewellery and cosy pj’s, you can be ‘matchy matchy’ with your pooch.

Christmas Gift Guide {Christmas} #MatchyMatchy #Dog&OwnersGifts #ChristmasGifts #Christmas #DogGifts www.scruffylittleterrier.comWe love looking at Christmas gift guides, because you get some great ideas and, often, discover some new businesses with fab ideas and creations!

We hope you find something fun and unique that you love. Twinning has never been so festive and fun!

Yule’ll Love These (ho, ho, ho!)

Gold/Silver Dog Tag Best Friends Necklace and Keyring Friendship Set (Amazon) ~ £3.50

Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle at Christmas? Or any time of the year, come to think of it! This cute set would make a great stocking filler gift and comes in gold or silver colour. The key ring can be attached to your dog’s collar.

Christmas Gift Guide {Christmas} #MatchyMatchy #Dog&OwnersGifts #ChristmasGifts #Christmas #DogGifts

Ugly Christmas Sweater/Jumper – Time For Treats (Funky Tails) ~ $59.99 (human)/from $19.99 (hound)

Our recent blog post, ’16 Dog-Themed Christmas Jumpers’ featured fun dog Christmas jumpers. How about matching your Christmas jumper with your dog’s jumper? Funky Tails have just the jumpers and they ship internationally too!

Christmas Gift Guide {Christmas} #MatchyMatchy #Dog&OwnersGifts #ChristmasGifts #Christmas #DogGifts

Christmas Gift Guide {Christmas} #MatchyMatchy #Dog&OwnersGifts #ChristmasGifts #Christmas #DogGifts

Infinity Scarf & Dog Bandana, Sew Doggy Style (Etsy) ~ £42.76

Soft plaid infinity scarf for you with a co-ordinating option for your dog! We love this red, black and yellow plaid colour way, as it feels Christmassy, but there are lots of other colour options to choose from.

Christmas Gift Guide {Christmas} #MatchyMatchy #Dog&OwnersGifts #ChristmasGifts #Christmas #DogGifts

Navy Fairisle Pattern Hoody & Dog Jumper (Next) ~ £18.00 (human)/£8.00-£14.00 (hound)

Not keen on wearing a Christmas jumper but still want to feel festive, then this navy fairisle jumper will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Gift Guide {Christmas} #MatchyMatchy #Dog&OwnersGifts #ChristmasGifts #Christmas #DogGifts

Christmas Gift Guide {Christmas} #MatchyMatchy #Dog&OwnersGifts #ChristmasGifts #Christmas #DogGifts

Luxury Identity Disc & Pendant (Canine Chic of London) ~ from £170.00

These ID Disc/Pendants are, what QVC would describe as “a considered purchase”. They are a luxury purchase but they are also fabulous and unique. There are 4 collections to choose from; ‘Flower’, ‘Starburst’, ‘Oracle’ and ‘Astrological’. I love the Astrological ones, but then Barney, Sandy & I wouldn’t strictly be matching as I’m Aquarius, Barney is Virgo and Sandy would be Taurus. The dog identity disc can be engraved with your details and comes with a hook to attach to the collar d-ring. The pendant will come with a simple gold chain. Truly a special gift indeed, we adore them!

Christmas Gift Guide {Christmas} #MatchyMatchy #Dog&OwnersGifts #ChristmasGifts #Christmas #DogGifts

Dog & Human PJ’s (Herbert and Homer) ~ $79.95

Matching pj’s for dogs and humans are very on trend at the moment. Herbert and Homer have a unique range of dog pyjamas made for your lucky pup and you can choose a pair of women’s/men’s pyjamas to match with your pooch! Herbert and Homer use the highest quality materials and a range of unique designs inspired by their love of dachshunds and animals.

Christmas Gift Guide {Christmas} #MatchyMatchy #Dog&OwnersGifts #ChristmasGifts #Christmas #DogGifts

Rose Quartz & Rhodonite Collar & Matching Bracelet Set, Soul Dog Designs (Etsy) ~ £58.17

This dog and owner matching leather dog collar and matching bracelet signifies unconditional love, self love, and compassion and with its natural rose quartz and rhodonite stones safely secured in copper bezels. The collar and bracelet are handmade and absolutely beautiful.

Christmas Gift Guide {Christmas} #MatchyMatchy #Dog&OwnersGifts #ChristmasGifts #Christmas #DogGifts

Daddy & Me Dog Tag & Cufflinks Set (Sweet William Designs) ~ £35.00

It’s not often you find an unique gift for men, but this set really is a lovely one. There are 9 dog breeds to choose from, but of course, we love the Border Terrier set! They come in matching presentation boxes and both the cufflinks and tag can be personalised with your dog’s name or daddy’s name! How pawfect!

Christmas Gift Guide {Christmas} #MatchyMatchy #Dog&OwnersGifts #ChristmasGifts #Christmas #DogGifts

Matching Collar & Bracelet Set (The Friendship Collar) ~ £25.00

We love ‘The Glitter Collection’, this collar and bracelet are so Christmassy and yet so stylish. There are other collections; The Friendship Collection, The Urban Collection, The Gilded Collection and The Classic Collection. Although, if you can’t be glittery at Christmas, then when can you and life is better with a bit of sparkle!

Christmas Gift Guide {Christmas} #MatchyMatchy #Dog&OwnersGifts #ChristmasGifts #Christmas #DogGifts

Your Letter to Santa

There are so many wonderful and unique gifts in this Christmas Gift Guide, which one (or two, or three) will you include in your letter to Santa? Hopefully you are on the Nice list, not the Naughty one, this year!









19 Responses

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    Amelia Johnson

    Wow…these are all cute. I would love the pjs but Gusto would be way to warm in clothing since he wears his coat all-year round….same with the sweater combo. Great gift ideas here.

    • Avatar

      Barney, our border terrier, won’t wear anything either.. haha!

  3. Avatar

    I’m pretty sure this is my favorite gift guide yet! Not sure what that says about me as a dog mom other than I reallllllyyyyy like matching my dog hahaha!

    • Avatar

      Hahahaha… I think we all love a bit of matchy matchy don’t we? I’m so glad you enjoyed the gift guide, thank you.

  4. Avatar

    I love this blog post concept! Thanks for putting together so many unique gift ideas! The matching scarf set is my favorite! Just imagine all the cute pet and pal selfies!

    • Avatar

      I know, cute petelfies…I’m so glad you enjoyed the blog post.

  5. Avatar
    Irene McHugh

    The infinity scarf and doggie bandana are a great option. I don’t really wear jewelry anymore, so scarves make such a soft and easy accessory. Lizzie would totally wear a doggie bandana to match me:)

  6. Avatar

    This is funny! I would love to dress like my humans and these look like fun gifts! thanks for sharing!

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    The Contemporary Pet

    I love the collar and bracelet sets. The bracelet is pretty for me without the collar being to girly for my senior dog, Soldier.

  9. Avatar
    Cathy Armato

    These are so nice! I love the sparkly dog bone gifts & the plaid bandana. I love the blue sweater on the Pug too, that’s gorgeous! Shared!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • Avatar

      Thank you for sharing this post, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  10. Avatar
    Kamira Gayle

    These are too cute. I actually like the matchy matchy theme. Hmm my favorite is the gold BFF set and the hoodie/sweater combo. Will share on social as well.

    • Avatar

      My favourites keep changing! Thanks for sharing, very kind. x

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