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Winston's Wheels Charity - 4 dogs using wheelchairs

Giving back and helping others has always been important to Scruffy Little Terrier, so in 2020 we launched Charity of the Year, where a chosen dog charity would benefit from a percentage of all our sales.

2021 Charity of the Year

The Charity of the Year is chosen by our social media followers (because we know that supporting small dog charities is also important to our followers) over on Facebook and Instagram.


After more than 1.4k votes, we are excited to share the 2021 Charity of the Year is Winston’s Wheels.

Winston's Wheels Charity Logo

Find Out More About Winston’s Wheels

Winston’s Wheels was set up by Rachel, in memory of her Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Winston, to raise awareness and help for dogs that need mobility assistance. It was Rachel’s way of paying it forward, after someone loaned a set of wheels to Winston and another person anonymously set up a go fund me page to help raise money for a brand new canine walking wheels wheelchair.

To date, Winston’s Wheels has helped 195 dogs with wheelchair loans. They have purchased 72 wheelchairs costing in total over £22,000. They have around 82 wheelchairs out with dogs (with 10 wheelchairs having been kindly donated to Winston’s Wheels). On average they have 3 strollers out on loan to dogs to help get them out and about.

The Dream For Winston’s Wheels

Winston’s Wheels became a registered charity in September 2020. The charity is run by Rachel and her small team of volunteers, but Rachel has big dreams for Winston’s Wheel’s including:

A website to help them reach even more dogs in need.
To raise awareness about Winston’s Wheels and how they can help dogs and their families, so that Winston’s legacy lives on.
To be recognised as an animal rescue charity similar to Broken Biscuits.

How Can You Help?

When you purchase something from Scruffy Little Terrier you are supporting Winston’s Wheels with a percentage of the sale being donated to the charity.

You can also support Winston’s Wheels by following them on their Facebook page and sharing their story.

2020 Charity of the Year

The 2020 Charity of the Year, chosen my our social media followers was Border Terrier Welfare and we were proud to be able to donate £200 to them.

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