Canine First Aid and CPR Workshop With Rachel Bean RVN

Canine First Aid

I have wanted to do a canine first aid course for a long time, but whenever I saw on advert for a course the timing wasn’t great or I wasn’t feeling too good with the ME/CFS symptoms.

Well, recently, I have been feeling quite well (I’m always nervous about saying this because every time I’ve said this in the past, I promptly go and have another crash!) and am managing to achieve much more than I used to without the ME/CFS payback.

So, when I saw this course advertised in a Facebook Group, I decided to sign up, plus the venue was near to where we live (when you have ME/CFS you have to factor in travel time as part of your energy usage, so location is always key for me).

Canine First Aid CPR Rachel Bean {CanineFirstAid} #RachelBean #DogCPR #CanineFirstAid #DogHealth

First Aid Kit

I purchased a canine first aid kit not long after Barney came into our lives and I’m so glad I did. I wrote a blog about canine first aid kits and what items are found, as standard, in one (you can read about it here).

When Barney was younger I seemed to be at the vets a lot with him, he had a sensitive tummy but not just that, one summer I was at the vet 4 times for different paw related injuries! The first one happened whilst we were away for a weekend. I’m so glad I had the kit with us (and the little book that came with it) because I was able to deal with his paw, until I could get him to a vet.

I’ve since added things to the kit which I think are useful to have as extras in a canine first aid kit (you can read about it here) and the kit is always packed in the car when we go away.

So whilst I have the first aid kit and little book which came with it, I’ve always wanted to learn more about canine first aid, so I can be better prepared if anything did happen to the dogs.

The Workshop

Harriet of Pawtastic Pet Sitting organised and hosted the workshop. Harriet is local to where I live and is a ‘leading gundog walking specialist and feline expert’.

The first aid workshop was run by Rachel Bean RVN. Rachel is well known in the dog world and, as well as having an impressive CV, she has years of experience and knowledge of working with dogs. I was very excited to meet her, as I have followed her on social media for a while (a bit of a fan-girl moment and I could’ve just listened to her stories all morning!).

Workshop Outline

It was great that the workshop was a small group of dog owners and dog professionals, 10 of us in total, Rachel and her puppy Chilli!

Now, this wasn’t a sit and look at a PowerPoint presentation (phew, because aren’t they so hard to stay awake in?). No, this was an interactive workshop, starting with Rachel introducing herself and explaining some of the work she has done from her from and what she does now.

We were given a booklet of the workshop, which we would be working through, written by Rachel. The workshop covered basic first aid situations we might encounter as a dog owner, both at home and outside. This was achieved through First Aid scenarios; practical demonstrations and anecdotal discussions around Rachel’s knowledge as a Veterinary Nurse and her experiences.

Canine First Aid CPR Rachel Bean {CanineFirstAid} #RachelBean #DogCPR #CanineFirstAid #DogHealth

Workshop Topics

  • Introduction to First Aid
  • Assessing the Patient
  • Haemorrhage
  • Wounds
  • Insect Stings
  • Poisons
  • Shock
  • Unconscious and Collapse
  • CPR with hands on practice with CasPeR the CPR dog
  • Epilepsy
  • Choking
  • Fractures
  • Injuries to Sensory Organs
  • Hypo/Hyperthermia
  • Gastric Dilation/Bloat
  • Bandaging

We were very lucky to have Gill from Safedog, who was attending the workshop as a participant. Gill started a bloat awareness campaign, after her Dobermann survived gastric torsion. She told her story, gave us a deeper insight into bloat, what to be aware of, tips to help prevent bloat and what to do if you suspect your dog is suffering from bloat.

Canine First Aid CPR Rachel Bean {CanineFirstAid} #RachelBean #DogCPR #CanineFirstAid #DogHealth

And Finally

At the end of the workshop, we were all given a small test which included a scenario each, we had to tell the group what we would do and why, by answering the scenario questions. We also completed a short multiple choice test based on what we learnt that morning.

We were each given a certificate, certifying that we had completed a practical workshop in Canine First Aid and CPR. For those dog professionals, the workshop holds 4 CPD hours and is valid for 3 years.

Thank You

Thank you to Harriet for organising the workshop, for being a lovely host with a welcome pack, providing drinks and some yummy treats to enjoy too!

A big thank you to Rachel, for an informative and engaging workshop, I came away feeling more confident in my ability to deal with any possible situations that might require first aid for the dogs. Now, to practice bandaging paws on a willing participant, “Barney, Sandy where are you?”. 😆


  • Rachel Bean RVN ~
  • Harriet ~
  • Gill ~



  1. Rachel

    I have taken a pet first aid and CPR online but I would love an interactive workshop like this!

    • Michelle

      This was organised by a local dog walker, maybe speak to your vet about organising one for local dog owners/professionals? Interactive is definitely good for learning first aid.


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