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bybenji biltong ~ A New Dog Treat On The Block

Actually, bybenji isn’t that new, but they are new to us!

I discovered bybenji via social media (of course, no surprise there!) and enjoy following them with their vibrant, fun updates.

I’m always on the lookout for new treats for the dogs to try because it’s great to give them variety as well as different types of treats.

Let’s be honest, me reviewing dog treats isn’t really about whether the dogs like them, because they, pretty much, like every treat they are given (well apart from Sandy, whose palate still hasn’t taken to carrot and blueberries, but we keep trying her with them as I’m sure one day, she’ll eat them, just like Barney did). They live for treats!

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What I Look For In Dog Treats

If you’ve been with us for a while, you will know that I am quite particular in what I give the dogs to eat.

I try to only buy British made food and treats. I am looking for 100% natural treats with no nasties and I aim to support small businesses.

If you aren’t sure what the ingredient list on dog food, or treats, mean, it’s really not a surprise as it can feel like you need a PHD in chemistry to understand some of the ingredients! I often use, and recommend, the website All About Dog Food, an entirely independent website that reviews dog food and treats, giving dog owners access to a huge amount of impartial nutritional advice.

Actually, bybenji haven’t been reviewed on All About Dog Food website, but I’m sure it won’t be long before bybenji is included. Although it really isn’t difficult to understand the ingredient list on the bybenji packets, because there’s really only one main ingredient, beef (but more on that later).

ByBenji Biltong Treats Your Dog Will Love {DogNutrition} #Natural #HealthyDog #DogTreats #DogHealth #Biltong #DogNutrition

What Is Biltong?

You may have heard of, or even tried, biltong if you have South African friends. Biltong is a traditional South African snack of dried, cured meat. Usually beef, but can be fish, chicken and game. What makes biltong a delicious snack is the herbs and spices used to give it a unique flavour.

Isn’t biltong just jerky then? Well, there is a similarity, and you can check out bybenji’s website to find out more, but essentially the difference between biltong and jerky is explained by bybenji as;

  • The meat used in biltong can be much thicker; typically biltong meat is cut in strips approx 1″ (25 mm) wide – but can be thicker. Jerky is normally very thin meat.
  • The vinegar, salt and spices in biltong, together with the drying process, adds texture and flavour to the meat. Jerky is traditionally dried with salt but without vinegar.
  • Jerky is often smoked; biltong is never smoked.

Biltong is similar to beef jerky in that they are both spiced, dried meats. The typical ingredients, taste and production processes differ, the main difference being that biltong is dried and subsequently sliced whereas jerky is sliced prior to drying.

ByBenji Biltong Treats Your Dog Will Love {DogNutrition} #Natural #HealthyDog #DogTreats #DogHealth #Biltong #DogNutrition

bybenji biltong Treats

bybenji is the home of the UK’s very first DEFRA Approved biltong for pets. Made from the finest, human grade, silverside beef, the treats are naturally dry cured and freshly produced in small, regular batches.

There are 3 different options of bybenji biltong, they are:

  • Super Sticks
  • Biltong Sausage
  • Training Treats

We’ve tried all three, but unfortunately our local stockist didn’t have the Biltong Sausages when we went to stock up on our favourite treats.

So what’s the difference between each one? I’m going to let bybenji tell you;

Super Sticks ~ longer slices of Biltong that have the option to be sliced to size, or given to bigger breeds for a tasty chew.

Biltong Sausage ~ the marinated mince option to our two steak choices, simple to snap, can easily crumble and is obviously a softer chew for pensioner pooches to enjoy!

Training Treats ~ are bite sized pieces of pure silverside of beef , the instant reward or recall choice and a perfect option for that must have now moment! These bite sized pieces do break up easily into smaller bits, which is great when you are out on a walk and making them last longer!

ByBenji Biltong Treats Your Dog Will Love {DogNutrition} #Natural #HealthyDog #DogTreats #DogHealth #Biltong #DogNutrition

I Love Them, The Dogs Love Them!

Suffice to say, the dogs love them all! When you open a packet of bybenji biltong treats, the first thing you notice (and the dogs will definitely notice and perk up!) is the smell, they smell so delicious (yes I have tried some, because you can eat it too, although these are dog treats).

I love them because they are; high in protein, sugar-free, low in salt and fat. There are no carbohydrates, gluten, wheat, MSG, soya, colouring or additives, so if you are looking for an 100% natural treat for your dog, then bybenji are worth trying.

Be careful though, once you open a packet, you will be the centre of your dog’s attention!


That’s why these are ‘high value’ treats, because you will have your dog’s full attention! The Training Treats are great to take out on walks, for working on recall. Be careful though you might find you attract other dogs over too!

ByBenji Biltong Treats Your Dog Will Love {DogNutrition} #Natural #HealthyDog #DogTreats #DogHealth #Biltong #DogNutrition

Two Small Things

There’s only two small things I’d mention, if you are new to bybenji, it might be nice to ‘see’ what the product looks like before you buy, especially if you have never heard of biltong before. The packaging doesn’t have a viewing window, so you will just have to trust me when I say these treats are worth taking a chance on!

I do like to see what new treats look like, because I don’t want to buy very hard chews for the dogs, (there’s no point as Barney just buries them in the garden) and I like to ‘see’ what the quality is like. Although, it wouldn’t, and didn’t, stop me buying bybenji, although I think a picture or being able to see what you are buying can be a helpful thing.

As a household, we are trying to reduce our plastic, unrecyclable packaging intake and I couldn’t find anywhere that states whether the packaging can be recycled. I believe you can, and should be, a premium product that is friendly to the planet.

Where Can I Find bybenji?

You can shop bybenji on our website and you may find them in ’boutique’ style doggie shops.

bybenji treats are at the higher end of the pricing market, but remember the main ingredient is human grade silverside beef, priced at £5.99 for the 80g packet. If you want to give the treat a try, you can also buy a ‘snack pack’ at £1.49, I promise the dogs will go crazy for them.

For our dogs, these are ‘special’ treats, so once the packet is open, bybenji advise that you store the bags, open, in the fridge to prevent mould, but I guarantee they won’t last for long!

I think the dogs, and I, would agree that bybenji treats are just the ‘dogs b*ll*cks’ (haha), they are natural, healthy, high value treats made in the UK, so tick all the boxes for me, as a dog owner and how many times can I say that the dogs go crazy for them???

Have your dogs tried bybenji? Do they love it as much as Barney and Sandy do? Let us know in the comments below.

ByBenji Biltong Treats Your Dog Will Love {DogNutrition} #Natural #HealthyDog #DogTreats #DogHealth #Biltong #DogNutrition


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