Brand Spotlight: Big Bobble Hats

The Luxury Collection from Big Bobble Hats

We are very excited to bring into the Scruffy Little Terrier family the, much-loved British brand, Big Bobble Hats.

We hope you will love the Big Bobble Hats Luxury Collection as much as we do. These original bobble hats are the perfect accessory for your winter dog walks, keeping you, and your ears, stylishly warm!

Big Bobble Hats are well known in the sporting world, you can often spot them on tv when sporting events are being covered but I feel that us dog owners are missing out on these fabulous hats. I mean, aren’t they are just perfect for being out and about with your dogs? After chatting with Tamara, the co-owner, I felt the Luxury Collection would suit Scruffy Little Terrier brand just perfectly.

I thought I’d share with you our conversation, it’ll give you an insight into Big Bobble Hats and the people behind this small British brand.


A Conversation With Tamara, Co-Owner of Big Bobble Hats

Who is behind Big Bobble Hats?

I co-own the business, alongside my husband Ian, which we started in October 2010.

How did you get the idea for BBH?

I made the first-ever big bobble hat by hand, on a loom and the big bobble was an accident. The first hat was made for Ian (who is follically challenged) he loved the huge bobble and history was made. We wanted to make hats in bold bright colours so you could be seen on the ski slopes easily. We took them away on a ski trip to France and got so many comments we decided to set up a small website and see what happened!

What was your plan at the beginning and has it changed?

Our plan was to start a little business that would hopefully pay for our skiing holiday once a year. Every year our little business has grown bigger and bigger and we have had to adapt and change to keep up with demand.

How many employees did you start with and how many do you have now?

We started with just, Ian and me. We both had other jobs, so for the first 7 years, we pretty much did everything ourselves (other than making the hats). We now have 6 employees and 10 franchisees working throughout the UK at outdoor events promoting the brand.

What do you attribute your success to?

Lots of hard work and long hours plus the willingness to get out around the UK to promote our brand. We try and say yes to opportunities that come our way and keep evolving.

What is unique about Big Bobble Hats?

Our original proposition was unique as there was no real online business in the UK specifically selling hats. We have always lived by the motto ‘keep it simple’ (hence our name). I think our willingness to get out and promote our brand around the country has played a huge part in our success and also becoming an Official Supporter of the UCI and supplier to the Cyclocross World Championships.

What products do you sell?

We sell predominately big bobble hats but also t-shirts, scarfs, socks and sunglasses.

How, who and where are the hats designed and made?

All of our hats are designed in Scotland, by us, and manufactured in China in a small factory. We have visited and worked with the same factory for 8 years.

All our hats (apart from some of the Luxury collection) are made from 100% acrylic wool, which makes them machine washable and not itchy to wear. Each hat is handmade, apart from the main body of the hat, and hand-finished.

The Luxury Collections (which you can find on SLT’s website), were designed to offer something different to the bold bright standard range of hats.

Can you remember the first time you thought ‘Wow’ about your business?

The first time we realised how successful our business had become was at a Cyclocross event we attended in Milton Keynes. It was a World Cup race and very well attended. We turned up on Saturday, a little late and were rushing to set up at about 9 am. From that moment on we were inundated with people wanting to buy hats. It was our most successful event to date and we sold out of a lot of hats. What a whirlwind!

What do you do to relax?

We are a very sporty family with Ian taking part in Ironman triathlons around the world and Tamara at the gym every day doing CrossFit. We also have two border terriers who need a lot of walking so we do a lot of exploring in Scotland.

The hats have funny names, how do they get them?

We do a competition on our social media every time we launch a new hat to find a name. We have some very funny customers with great imagination, they win the new hat and we get a great name for the hat!

Is community and sustainability something that is important to Big Bobble Hats?

Very important to us. We love interacting with our fans on social media but more so in real life, at events. We get to meet so many interesting people.

We are trying to move to a more eco-friendly proposition and have recently swapped to recyclable packaging on our hats whilst trying to do away with as much packaging as possible.

What’s the best bit about Big Bobble Hats?

The best bit is meeting customers when we do events, getting great feedback on our hats and the fact that our hats make people smile.

Big Bobble Hats and Scruffy Little Terrier

You can find the Luxury Collection on our website, under Clothing, we’re sure you will find one you love, they make great presents for all dog owners and don’t forget your dog walker, who will thank you for one of these cosy hats!

We hope you agree that Big Bobble Hats is a great addition to Scruffy Little Terrier, I am very proud to have them on board because I have been following Big Bobble Hats since the beginning. That’s because Tamara is my sister and I know how much hard work both Ian and Tamara have put into Big Bobble Hats since 2010. I am extremely proud of her and what they have achieved so far! I was there, along with my husband and Barney (Tamara also just had Alfie, their first border terrier, back then) at that Milton Keynes event, not that I helped out much but still, we can say we were there at their ‘wow’ moment!

Let me know which hat is your favourite, at the moment the grey star one is mine, but I’m sure that will change!



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