Border Terriers – “The Most Over-Looked Treasure”

Best-in_showIn a recent dog comparison survey, carried out by journalist David McCandless for his website Information is Beautiful and featured in his new book “Knowledge is Beautiful“, the Border Collie came out top of the leader board, as man’s best friend.

The survey was based on data gathered on the popularity of various breeds and plotted against data such as intelligence, health, cost, life span and other markers.

The research named Border Terriers, as “the most over-looked treasure‘ of breeds. Of course, it’s no surprise to me, or all the other Border Terrier owners out there because although they are ‘essentially a working terrier’, once you meet a Border Terrier you cannot fail to fall in love with this adorable, stubborn, strong-willed, friendly and eager to please scruffy little terrier.

I’d love to hear three words you use to describe your Border Terrier?


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    I am enjoying your blog. I love the strong-willed nature of Border Terriers. Barney looks adorable!

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      Ah thank you Lita, I’m glad you are enjoying the blog and reading about Barney, he definitely is strong-willed!

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