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Billy + Margot Nutritious Iced Treat for Dogs

Doggie Ice Cream to Beat the Heat

Billy+Margot Iced Treat {Iced Treat} #Billy+Margot, #IcedTreat www.scruffylittleterrier.comWhen the sun is shining and the temperature is rising, who doesn’t love to cool down with a delicious ice-cream? I think we all have our favourite flavour, I’m a bit of a traditionalist with strawberry ice-cream covered in chocolate, although I am swaying more and more towards salted caramel (seems to be the new flavour for everything!).

Wouldn’t it be great if our dogs could join us too? Well they can now, as Billy + Margot have created 3 flavours of their Nutritious Iced Treat:

  • Honey & Banana
  • Apple, Banana & Carrot
  • Strawberry & Apple

This week, as the temperature here in London is hitting the 30°s, we bought a tub of Honey & Banana Nutritious Iced Treat for Barney and Sandy to try.

Billy + Margot have been a regular in our household for some time now, their venison treats are, without a doubt, the preferred treat. Barney and Sandy will do anything for one of their venison chews!


Nutritious Iced Treats for Dogs

Billy+Margot Iced Treat {Iced Treat} #Billy+Margot, #IcedTreat www.scruffylittleterrier.comThe Iced Treats are not called ice cream because to be called ice cream, the frozen product has to contain a mixture of dairy products, including at least 10% milk fat. So they decided to call them nutritious treats because they contain some nutritious ingredients. In fact, the Iced Treats are 100% vegetarian, they all contain fruit, aloe vera and flaxseed oil and, if by mistake, you should eat some they are completely edible by humans, and apparently quite tasty!

Their Commitment

As a dog owner, I love Billy + Margot for a few reasons:

  • All their products are ‘Made in Britain’,
  • They only use wholesome ingredients and have full traceability,
  • They do not use any preservatives, colourants or taste enhancers,
  • All their products are wheat free and dairy free
  • They have a great Q&A page and Nutritional Philosophy.

When you look at their website you really feel that Billy + Margot care about your dog and what it eats. They do say,

“We only produce food and treats that we are happy to feed our own dogs”.

Needless to say, the Honey & Banana Iced Treat didn’t last long! Both Barney and Sandy enjoyed it and it has helped cool them down on the hot summer days we are experiencing.

You can buy directly online from Billy + Margot, search on their website for stockists or we ordered ours via where you can read lots of fab reviews. A tub costs £2.99 but get in quick before it sells out!


    • Michelle

      It really is, we are going to try the other flavours too!

  1. Susan Rogers

    Daxie Lodge small dog home boarding just bought this for the dogs they all loved it, a special treat on a hot summers day.

    • Michelle

      Ah what a wonderful thing to do for all the dogs staying with you, glad they enjoyed it :o)


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