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Barney’s Tails – Tummy Update

After my little sickness and tummy upset two weeks ago, I thought you might like an update on how I’ve been. As you can see from the weekend walk, I’m feeling full of the joys of spring, unfortunately my tummy isn’t and I’ve had a couple of visits to the vet since the initial one.

The vet did tell us that, if after the first course of antibiotics, which was 6 days treatment, I was still a bit runny in the poop department, then we had to go back with a sample so that it could be analysed and, unfortunately for Michelle (chief sample collector), this was the case (she is a dedicated owner!).

We had to wait a few days for the results to come back and they showed that I have a couple of nasty old parasites in my tummy. Luckily, not salmonella, but still each parasite needed a different antibiotic to hopefully get rid of it.

The first lot was for the treatment of Giardia which is also referred to as parasitic diarrhoea and puppies whose immune systems are not fully developed are more susceptible (that’s me!). It came in the form of paste for 3 days, Michelle cleverly hid it amongst my chicken and rice!

However, the second parasite Coccidiosis is a microscopic parasite which lives within cells of the intestinal lining and to get rid of this one, I have a 10 day course of antibiotics to take, in daily pill form, again cleverly hidden in a piece of chicken!

Both of the above parasites are passed on in the faeces of dogs and can be debilitating for young puppies or older dogs.

I don’t seem to be having any side effects from all these antibiotics, I’m still eating my food, although I have been put on a plain rice and chicken diet whilst on the antibiotics, with addition of natural probiotic yoghurt as well to help my digestion, all this seems to be working and Michelle will be much happier when I’m back to normal and can’t wait to get back to some variety in my food!

You can read more about these parasite infections here – Giardia (click here) and Coccidiosis (click here), although tummy upsets and runny poops aren’t a nice subject to discuss, anyone with dogs and especially puppies should be aware of them and take their dogs straight to the vet to ensure proper treatment.

Michelle says, if more people scooped up their dogs poop, this wouldn’t be such a problem, as it is pretty impossible to stop me sniffing around, I’m a terrier after all!

Woof woof!

Barney (on the mend)


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  1. Tamara Hockey

    Glad you’re better Barney!


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