Barney’s Tails: “Read All About It!”

It’s Furday, which means it must be time for a little afternoon tea break, after all we have two days of playtime to look forward to!

IMG_0004Do you remember I shared my Happy Endings page featured on the Battersea Dogs Home website, with you? I thought that was pretty special and surely meant I was on my way to stardom. Well, I think I’ve taken my next step to being a super star, just look at this… an article in March’s Your Dog magazine about little old me.

Featured on the “Charity begins…” page as “Best of Battersea” it’s a small insight to my story and how I came to live at SLT Towers. We meet lots of Battersea babies while out on our walks and they are all pretty special. I hope my story inspires everyone to adopt a dog (or cat), there are so many stars at Battersea waiting for their furever home.

Are you a Battersea baby? Share your picture with us over on our Facebook page, we’d love to meet you.

Have a woof, woof weekend everyone!



  1. Kevin

    Happy Furday!

    • Michelle

      Hope you had a furbulous weekend Kevin!

  2. Clapton

    Good to see you getting the fame you deserve Mr Barney *nods*

    • Michelle

      Ah thanks Mr Clapton, it would be lovely if more people considered adopting dogs that need a forever home *nods*


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