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Barney’s tails: dashing around the garden!

The past couple of weekends Michelle and Ian have had friends and family round for lunch. Of course, we know that they actually come to see me, as I’m much cuter than Michelle and funnier than Ian!

When we go out for walks, I’m not interested in squirrels, sometimes crows catch my attention, but what really distracts me are little people and other dogs! I just want to run over and say hello to them, which is difficult if I’m on the lead!

Michelle is very careful when we are around little people, because although all I want to do is say hello (they are just the right height for me to give them lots of licks!) some might be a bit frightened, as I get so excited and jump up! I wish I could tell them that I’m not going to nip them and that all I want to do is play!

Barney & the little people playing

Barney & the little people playing

So two little girls came to visit and because they have dogs at home (which are much bigger than me, Golden Retrievers) they weren’t scared at all, they were very sweet (almost as cute as me), we played with all my toys and they gave me lots of hugs!

Michelle says its great for me to socialise with toddlers, all I know is that it was fun having some humans, who were nearly the same size as me, to play with for a change…I hope I get to meet some more little people soon!

Last Saturday, my two special friends came back to visit, the last time I saw them I was only 12 weeks old, so I’m sure they would notice a big difference in me! Chynna and Georgia Rose, the cutest miniature dachshunds you could wish to meet and I am lucky they are my friends.

Whilst the big people enjoyed delicious delights from Borough Market (wild boar scotch eggs, aged ham, pork pies, sautéed new potatoes, loads of stinky cheese and salads) with orange infused gin & tonic, the girls and I got reacquainted.

Chynna is the blond long haired one, she’s the eldest and a bit calmer than me (not difficult I hear you say!), but Georgia Rose, she loves to play and chase me round and round the garden although she does tell me off when I get a bit too boisterous! Well, I am still a puppy and a boy, what does she expect? And she did keep stealing my favourite red ball.

[print_gllr id=279]

Don’t be fooled by their little legs, they can keep up with me and at one point I was dashing around after Georgia Rose so I could get my red ball back! It was a very hot day and we were all very tired after so much fun and all the attention from the grown ups.

Oh did I mention I got two new toys as well? When are we having more visitors Michelle?

Woofs & licks




  1. Sally May


    What a lovely blog! You are a very lucky dog indeed to have a mummy and daddy who love you so much. You are beyond cute and Chynna and Georgia Rose can’t wait to play with you again!

    Thanks to you, mummy and dad for a wonderful afternoon. The food was awesome too!

    Sally, Mr Sally, Chynna and Georgia Rose

    • Barney

      Thanks for visiting us again, I had great fun with Chynna and Georgia Rose. Can’t wait to see you all again soon.

      Woofs & licks


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