Barney’s Tails – bins, bins, bins!

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Bins, bins, bins!
Bins, bins, bins!

I love bins! Preferably ones with no lids so I can stick my head in, find out what’s inside and what I can chew or play with. I used to love the bathroom bins, I’d find a cardboard toilet roll, cotton buds, cotton wool! It was great fun, with Michelle and Ian chasing me around the house trying to get whatever I found out of my mouth!

But then, Michelle changed all the bins to ones with lids! Boo… not such fun anymore, I can’t dip my head in and find out what treats are lying inside waiting for me to grab!

Luckily, Michelle decided to keep one bin for me and its now my toy bin… every now and then she puts something different in it for me to find, today I found a toilet roll, I had great fun ripping that up and one of my balls too!

It’s like a ‘lucky dip’ each morning as I stick my head in to find out what treats are in my toy bin!


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  1. Maureen

    Keeping you on your toes 🙂

  2. Hi Michelle, your dog looks so cute. If he is into bins you should get him helping with the recycling. I have trained mine to carry things like empty plastic milk bottle and juice cartons and put them in the recycling bin. I wait until the recycling bin in the kitchen is nearly full and then we both go and carry the stuff to the bins outside (I throw him a few nits to go and get too). He absolutely loves it, especially the treats he gets as he does it.

    • Michelle

      Hi Tara
      Thanks for your message, Barney is cute but a little tinker sometimes. I’m not sure he’d be up to that high level of training but I’m impressed, what type of dog to you have?

      • Hi Michelle, oops sorry missed your reply back. We’ve got a black lab who is great with us, but not friendly with people he doesn’t know unfortunately. We rehomed him and he came with issues. He loves to learn anything new – especially with a dog biscuit as reward.
        Best Tara

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