Barney’s Tails – A Little Bit Poorly

Well here’s my first blog and it’s one to tell you that I think I gave Michelle a bit of a shock last week!

Tuesday morning when she came down to let me out, we have an early first wake up call (5.30 am!), she realised that I was desperate to go out, which is unlike me, I usually don’t want to go out in the cold and dark – yuk! But I had to get out quick and Michelle knew something wasn’t quite right, well on the way back in I had to turn around and head back to the garden and I was sick.

Michelle was immediately there, checked had a look at it but could only see some red fluff from a new toy I had been chewing, well actually trying to destroy, I am a terrier after all! I went back to my bed but just couldn’t stop trembling, I think Michelle was very worried about me now, as she took me out of my crate and sat with me on her lap, stroking and trying to calm me, but I just couldn’t stop the trembling and I really didn’t feel well at all.

Recuperating on the sofa

Recuperating on the sofa

As soon as she could, Michelle phoned the vets for an appointment, as I didn’t seem to be getting any calmer. At the vets, I was a brave boy, I had my temperature taken and two injections! The vet said I had a fever and she could feel tightness in my stomach. So she gave me an antibiotic injection and anti-sickness injection (which was supposed to hurt, but I didn’t yelp at all!).

The nice vet lady gave me a natural liver treat and Michelle just bundled me up and brought me home. The vet told her to keep an eye on me and that we had to go back the next day to check my temperature. I just slept the rest of the day on the sofa and it wasn’t till I had a little nap that I woke up and stopped trembling and started to feel a bit better.

Here’s the things that we learnt from the vet:

  1. Keep an eye out for any blood if I am sick or in my poop, if we noticed any, we had to go straight back to the vets with a sample.
  2. Try to ensure that I get some water every now and again.
  3. If I start to perk up, then I was allowed a small amount of food. The vet recommended Hills Prescription Diet Therapeutic dog food and Canigest Paste (which ensure I get all the nutrients I need when I’m poorly), but you could also try plain boiled chicken and brown rice. Add natural probiotic yoghurt to food.
  4. Keep me quiet and let me rest.
  5. Here’s a useful link for further guidance on sickness and diahorrea from WikiHow – click here

The next day my temperature was back to normal but my tummy still felt tight, so I was given a 6 day course of antibiotics. If I still have diahorrea by the end of the course then we have to go back to the vets. But luckily I’m starting to feel much better and Michelle is much happier, she prefers me being mischievous than sleeping all day on the sofa!

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  1. Tamara Hockey

    Hope he has recovered now.

    • Michelle

      He’s getting there, check out his recent post for an update, thanks – Michelle x

  2. Isabella

    Hi Ian and Michelle I am really missing you
    and Barney is really cute.

    Love Isabella

    • Michelle

      Hi Isabella
      Thank you for your message and reading about Barney, keep checking back for more stories on what he is getting up to!
      Ian & Michelle


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