Barney’s Birthday Wish List ~ Beco Pets, Reg&Bob, ByBenji, The Barking Bakery

Gifts Your Dog Would Add To Their Birthday List (If They Could!)

Next week Barney will be 6 years old, that’s equivalent to 40 years old in human years (he’s catching me up!)

I can’t believe Barney has been in our lives for nearly 6 years so, to celebrate, I suggested he make a birthday list of things he’d love to receive on his special day (OK he had some help, but I’m sure he’d love everything on this list hehe).

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Beco Pets ~ Randy The Racoon

Recently, I have stopped buying new soft toys for the dogs, both of them rip them to pieces, and Barney, in particular, swallows the stuffing or the fabric when he chews them. However, he does love a soft toy, so I thought I’d try two from Beco Pets, because their soft toys seem to have lasted the longest so far.

I love Beco Pets because they do their best to create dog products that are friendly for the planet too. Their soft toys are made from recycled plastic bottles and they use only natural dyes to achieve the toy’s vibrant colours.

Barney's Birthday Wish {Dog Products} #DogProducts #DogLead #DogCollar #DogToys #DogTreats

Randy The Racoon is great because it has NO stuffing, so nothing for Barney to swallow. Randy is made from recycled plastic bottles and double stitched for extra strength (which in all honesty doesn’t mean that Barney or Sandy won’t rip it open but it does mean that it takes them longer).

I always try to choose either blue or yellow toys for the dogs, because these are the only colours dogs actually see, I think it must be fun for them to see colour when everything else is shades of grey.

Beco Pets ~ Sindy The Starfish

Barney's Birthday Wish {Dog Products} #DogProducts #DogLead #DogCollar #DogToys #DogTreats

This one does have stuffing but I just loved the starfish shape, so this is will be a special treat for him.

Sindy the Starfish is made from recycled plastic bottles is double stitched and has a puncture-free squeaker inside. I think he will love this one, it’s a bit like crabbie (if you follow us on Instagram, then you will know about crabbie) and Barney loved shaking crabbie around, maybe he will be able to do that with the starfish.

Check out Beco Pets for all their eco-friendly toys.

Antler Chew

Keeping on the chewing theme, antler chews are a great favourite in our household. The one we have has been chewed down to about 1.5 inch long now, so I think it’s time for a new one! I’ve tried buying two antler chews, one for each of them, however, all that happens is that Barney buries one in the garden and they both want the antler chew that the other one is chewing on. Does anyone else experience this?

I’ve gone for this Antler Chew from Amazon, but you can find them pretty much everywhere these days.

Reg&Bob ~ Collar and Lead

I felt it was time for a new collar and lead for Barney (he told me he was getting bored of his colour choices, haha). I like to change them often and I love seeing all the choices for collars and leads that are available.

I’ve been following Reg&Bob on Instagram for a while. Reg&Bob are two, super cute, Norwich Terriers and they are the founders of this lovely brand. Reg&Bob pride themselves on creating collars and leads for dogs who want to be stylish but also get a bit grubby (well just be dogs!).

Barney's Birthday Wish {Dog Products} #DogProducts #DogLead #DogCollar #DogToys #DogTreats

The collars and leads are practical, hard-wearing and washable, which when you have terriers is very important (fox poo rolling anyone?). Just because they are practical, doesn’t mean they are fun, bright and fabulous, I love the colour options.

I bought the red collar and lead for Barney and well, I couldn’t leave Sandy out could I? So Sandy’s got an orange collar and lead. What I love is that the colour combos are matching but not matchy, matchy, you can see they are swapped over.

The collars and leads are made from polypropylene, the lead with a loop handle and D ring and the collar with robust plastic black clips and a D ring and did I say they were washable? I must in our household.

ByBenji ~ Biltong Chews

Well, you all know that Barney loves to eat and ByBenji Biltong Chews are definitely top of his list as his chew of choice.

Barney's Birthday Wish {Dog Products} #DogProducts #DogLead #DogCollar #DogToys #DogTreats

I wrote about ByBenji a while ago (click here to read), their biltong chews are made with human grade silverside beef, marinated in a special herb blend and then air-dried, making this high value chews 100%, healthy and good for your pooch.

How many human treats do you know of that are good for you? (ps yes, you can eat ByBenji chews but you’ll need to get in quick as I don’t think the dog will willingly share with you!).

The Barking Bakery ~ Doggy Woofin

It’s not a birthday without a birthday cake, is it? I thought I’d give The Barking Barkery a try having heard so much about them recently after their appearance on Dragon’s Den a couple of weeks ago.

Actually, Barney is on a diet, pretty much a permanent one, because he needs to lose, and maintain weight. It’s really hard not to give in to the constant whining and begging eyes!

Barney's Birthday Wish {Dog Products} #DogProducts #DogLead #DogCollar #DogToys #DogTreats

So, rather than a cake, I went for a Doggy Woofin (muffin). I bought two, can’t leave Sandy out, Carob Iced Vanilla Woofin. A lovely little LOW calorie, vanilla woofin, ‘topped with a tail swishing swirl’ of The Barking Bakery’s carob flavoured yoghurt frosting. Aren’t they cute and only 98 calories so Barney and Sandy can have one each.

Scruffy Little Terrier ~ Birthday Boy Bandana

What a stylish birthday boy needs is a starry birthday bandana because every dog needs to feel special on their birthday, don’t they? This bandana is one from our new range of bandanas, coming soon to our website.

Barney's Birthday Wish {Dog Products} #DogProducts #DogLead #DogCollar #DogToys #DogTreats

The bandanas are handmade in the UK and simply tie around your dog’s neck, so easy to put on and off. They are made of cotton/poly cotton mix and can be machine washed on a gentle wash.

This bright and starry blue dog bandana, with ‘Birthday Boy’ slogan, will look stylish on any dog and comes in 3 sizes (XS, S/M and M/L). They will be available soon, in the meantime, if you’d like to register your interest, send me an email at and I’ll let you know when they are available on the website.

I think Barney is going to enjoy his birthday, don’t you? Look out for us next week on IG stories and FACEBOOK, where we will show you his birthday gifts in more detail.

Barney's Birthday Wish {Dog Products} #DogProducts #DogLead #DogCollar #DogToys #DogTreats




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