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Barney Supports Movember – dogs count too!

Canine Prostate Awareness Month

Canine Prostate Awareness Month

You have all heard about Movember, the annual fundraising event in November, when men around the world attempt to grow moustaches (some successfully, others not so!) to raise awareness of men’s health issues such as Prostate Cancer, Testicle Cancer and other male cancers. This event continues to go from strength to strength and we notice men slowly changing appearance, over the month, to something straight out of a 1970s TV programme!

However, did you know that November is also National Canine Prostate Awareness month? As more than 80% of entire male dogs, over the age of five suffer from prostate cancer, owners are being encouraged to take their boys to their vet for a check up, as this disease is painful and often undetected until it is in an advanced state.

Virbac, the company supporting the awareness month, hopes that this will remind owners that it’s not only men who suffer from prostate problems, and getting your dog checked out each year, will catch any problems early rather than letting your dog suffer with symptoms that cause discomfort. Advanced symptoms you should be aware of are, painful or frequent urination, passing ribbon-like faeces, blood in urine and pain-induced lameness, if you notice any of these then a visit to your vet is highly recommended.

Barney is too young at the moment, but at least it is good to be aware that this affects dogs too!




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