All Dogs Matter ~ Year of the (Rescue) Dog Private View

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Year of the (Rescue) Dog ~ Part II

I was extremely lucky to be invited to the All Dogs Matter Private View of their second exhibition, Year of the (Rescue) Dog Part II at Burgh House & Museum, Hampstead last night.

All Dogs Matter {TheYearOfTheRescueDogExhibition} #AllDogsMatter #Photography #Exhibition #RescueDog #DogProducts #London

I met up with Teresa from The Dogvine at the museum after an easy, but busy, and very warm, journey from South to North London on the Northern Line. Emerging from the tube, we were met with beautiful Hampstead. It was a lovely evening for the short stroll through Hampstead’s lanes to the museum. There are so many beautiful houses, shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants in Hampstead, that it was difficult not to get side-tracked!

All Dogs Matter {TheYearOfTheRescueDogExhibition} #AllDogsMatter #Photography #Exhibition #RescueDog #DogProducts #London

All Dogs Matter

All Dogs Matter is a registered charity which rescues and re-homes dogs in, and around, London and the Home Counties. The charity was started by a Phil and Ira, a couple who are passionate animal lovers. They, and their small team, work to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abandoned dogs liaising closely with local authorities to ensure that every dog, which comes into their care, whether a stray or an unwanted dog, is paired with the best new owner to ensure it is safe, cared for and loved.

All Dogs Matter {TheYearOfTheRescueDogExhibition} #AllDogsMatter #Photography #Exhibition #RescueDog #DogProducts #London

The Exhibition

The photos in the exhibition are taken by different photographers (The Dogvine being one and Natasha Balletta too) to celebrate All Dogs Matter’s rescue dogs and their owners. The photos are a tribute to the dogs’ life stories, their journey from fear and neglect, to finding their furever homes.

All Dogs Matter {TheYearOfTheRescueDogExhibition} #AllDogsMatter #Photography #Exhibition #RescueDog #DogProducts #London
Teresa from The Dogvine working her magic

Hopefully through the photographs you will be able to see just how wonderful rescue dogs are and how rewarding it is to adopt one of these special dogs.

All Dogs Matter {TheYearOfTheRescueDogExhibition} #AllDogsMatter #Photography #Exhibition #RescueDog #DogProducts #London

To help raise money for All Dogs Matter so they can continue their wonderful work, you can buy prints of the photos in the exhibition.

All Dogs Matter {TheYearOfTheRescueDogExhibition} #AllDogsMatter #Photography #Exhibition #RescueDog #DogProducts #London

The Evening

Burgh House & Museum is in a beautifully, peaceful location, not far from Hampstead tube station and the perfect setting to show off the wonderful dog photos.

We were warmly welcomed by the owners, staff and volunteers of All Dogs Matter with something to drink and nibbles. There were already quite a few dogs and owners mingling and luckily for me, Teresa knew a lot of people, so I had lots of introductions!

We then headed into another, light filled room to view the photographs. The room is set up as a mini gallery which makes viewing them very easy and there are so many wonderful dog photos to look at.

All Dogs Matter {TheYearOfTheRescueDogExhibition} #AllDogsMatter #Photography #Exhibition #RescueDog #DogProducts #London
Ira talking about the horrific South Korean dog meat trade

I think the best thing was having the rescue dogs in attendance and seeing them next to their photo and, of course, getting to say hello to them all!

All Dogs Matter {TheYearOfTheRescueDogExhibition} #AllDogsMatter #Photography #Exhibition #RescueDog #DogProducts #London
Winking Deja

An auction followed where some of the photos were sold to raise money for All Dogs Matter, including one taken by Ian Rankin and several signed by Ricky Gervais, a patron of the charity.

All Dogs Matter {TheYearOfTheRescueDogExhibition} #AllDogsMatter #Photography #Exhibition #RescueDog #DogProducts #London
Phil with the stunning Rankin photo ~ photo credit: The Dogvine

Before leaving I headed back to make a couple of purchases, two All Dogs Matter t-shirts and some yummy liver treats for the dogs from Beautiful Joe’s Ethical Dog Treats. I was lucky enough to meet Anne from Beautiful Joe’s and have a chat with her.

All Dogs Matter {TheYearOfTheRescueDogExhibition} #AllDogsMatter #Photography #Exhibition #RescueDog #DogProducts #London
photo credit: The Dogvine

Beautiful Joe’s is a sponsor of All Dogs Matter and they make air-dried, pure meat, all natural dog treats. These really are high value treats, which all dogs go crazy for! That’s not all though, because, for every packet sold, Beautiful Joe’s donate the same amount to a charity of the buyer’s choice. How amazing is that?

All Dogs Matter {TheYearOfTheRescueDogExhibition} #AllDogsMatter #Photography #Exhibition #RescueDog #DogProducts #London
Yoko ~ photo credit: The Dogvine

It really was a lovely evening, I enjoyed chatting to the owners and learning about the rescue dogs’ journey to finding their new home. It was so heartwarming to see so many happy, friendly dogs and all the people their to support this wonderful charity.

All Dogs Matter {TheYearOfTheRescueDogExhibition} #AllDogsMatter #Photography #Exhibition #RescueDog #DogProducts #London
Louis ~ photo credit: The Dogvine

Teresa, Natasha and I headed back to the tube, admiring the pretty Hampstead houses.

All Dogs Matter {TheYearOfTheRescueDogExhibition} #AllDogsMatter #Photography #Exhibition #RescueDog #DogProducts #London

Thank you so much to Teresa at The Dogvine for inviting me and to everyone at All Dogs Matter for being so welcoming. If you get a chance, do head along to see all the dog photos and support the charity. If you can’t make the exhibition, pop over to their website shop and maybe you’ll find something you like, its perfect t-shirt weather at the moment.  😉

All Dogs Matter {TheYearOfTheRescueDogExhibition} #AllDogsMatter #Photography #Exhibition #RescueDog #DogProducts #London

The Details

The All Dogs Matter Photo Exhibition runs till Sunday 15th July and is dog-friendly. Entry is free but donations are welcome!

Burgh House & Museum, New End Square, Hampstead, London NW3 1LT ~ Nearest tube: Hampstead (5 minute walk)

Opening Times: Wednesday-Friday: 12-5pm    Sunday:12-5pm

All Dogs Matter {TheYearOfTheRescueDogExhibition} #AllDogsMatter #Photography #Exhibition #RescueDog #DogProducts #London



All Dogs Matter

Burgh House & Museum

Beautiful Joe’s Ethical Treats

The Dogvine

Natasha Balletta Photograpy

All Dogs Matter {TheYearOfTheRescueDogExhibition} #AllDogsMatter #Photography #Exhibition #RescueDog #DogProducts #London

Photo Credit: Thank you to Teresa at The Dogvine for allowing me to use some of her photos in this post.

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    All of these dogs are beautiful! I bet is was so neat to see them next to their photographs. Photography is a wonderful way to find pets a forever home!

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  4. Avatar

    Nice! What a lovely event and for a great cause! I’ll have to check out their website!

  5. Avatar

    So nice to read about the rescue efforts of this amazing organization! I love how you detail the efforts of this team: they work to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abandoned dogs and that they liaise closely with local authorities for the best outcome for these dogs. BEAUTIFUL photos and you can see the compassion in the photo of Teresa with one of the dogs.

    I will have to contact my father-in-law and have him pick me up one of those t-shirts to bring over!

    • Avatar

      Thank you, I’m so glad enjoyed the post, it really is a great charity and the work the do is amazing.

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    Sweet Purrfections

    What a wonderful event! I like that the rescue dogs were there with their photos. I hope this event and cause is successful in getting forever homes for the dogs.

    • Avatar

      I’m sure the event will have helped more dogs to be rescued.

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  8. Avatar

    I love it that the rescue dogs where there with their photos! Your pictures and their photos were marvelous. All Dogs Matter sounds like a great charity.

    • Avatar

      It’s a lovely charity doing some great work, here in London and around the world.

  9. Avatar
    Dash Kitten

    Yoko is totally EPIC! What a sweet and positive look.

    The event looks totally amazing. I love seeing a well taken portrait, the dogs look so attractive and positive. I need to improve my cat pictures, I am inspired!

    • Avatar

      So happy to have inspired you, these photos were pretty amazing!

  10. Avatar

    What a wonderful exhibit and cause! I hope other rescue groups will do something similar!

    • Avatar

      It’s a great idea isn’t it and many of the photos are taken by photographers who didn’t charge for their services. :o)

  11. Avatar

    What a great event and organization! I especially love he pictures you included with this post- I felt like I was there with you!

    • Avatar

      Ah thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the post and the photos.

  12. Avatar

    Beautiful photos. Looks like the event went very well. I hope they have great success.

    • Avatar

      I think they did and such a great idea to raise money to help more dogs in need of new homes. :o)

  13. Avatar
    Cathy Armato

    This sounds like a wonderful charity, and a beautiful place for it. These dogs are all so adorable, I especially love Deja and Yoko! They remind me of my Husky Icy and my little Havanese/Maltese mix Phoebe. Sharing.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • Avatar

      Thank you Cathy, so many small charities are doing such wonderful work to help dogs and animals. All the dogs were adorable, that’s for sure!

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    Hindy Pearson (@PetCrusader)

    The pictures are lovely!! I live in England yet I’ve never heard of this organisation before. It does sound like an interesting event, thanks for sharing I’ll have to check it out.

    • Avatar

      It is a London based charity, so maybe that’s why you haven’t heard of it, but they do some fantastic work and all the ex-rescue dogs that were at the event were so well socialised and happy, it was lovely to meet them. x

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    What a wonderful event. The photos are fantastic too – perfect marketing for adoption dogs!

  16. Avatar
    Adriana Martin

    wow love this pots and all yoru pictures, really nice way that you went through all the details of the event. And yes all pets matter. Those dogs are so lucky. I wish exhibitions like this were available in my area.

    • Avatar

      Why not try and organise one? I’m sure there’s a rescue centre that would love to do this for dogs & cats! And thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

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    Ruth Epstein

    What a wonderful Rescue Organization and fantastic way to raise money for them, I would love to be able to go to an exhibition like this one but unfortunately I am in the US. Rescuers in my eyes are heroes and the great work they do is just fantastic.

    • Avatar

      I agree, the rescuers and these centres make a difference to so many dogs lives as there are so many out there being treated terribly by humans.

  19. Avatar

    What a fabulous post! Gorgeous photos, fantastic idea and and hopefully, something other shelters and/or rescues can do. Thank you for this article, it made my heart smile.

    • Avatar

      I’m glad it made you smile, it’s such a great idea and easily achievable by other rescue centres.

  20. Avatar

    I love all of these photos and the event looks like it went really well. Thank you for sharing!

    • Avatar

      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the post, the event did go very well indeed. x

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