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#AdoptDon’tShop is an online initiative to encourage people who are thinking about bringing a new pet into their lives to re-home rather than buy one. It’s hard to find a figure for the approximate number of pets waiting to be re-homed in the UK at any one time and specifically for dogs, even though the well-known re-homing centres such as Battersea Dogs Home, The Dogs Trust, the RSPCA, The Blue Cross and the PDSA keep detailed records each year, there are so many other smaller centres/charities also doing great work. So to give you an idea The Dogs Trust admitted 15,239 dogs in 2013 and re-homed 14,865 and in 2014 Battersea Dogs Home cared for 5,034 dogs, that’s just dogs, there are also cats, gerbils, rabbits and horses all waiting to find new homes!

Whilst I fully understand that adopting a dog isn’t for everyone, as many people want a puppy so they can choose the breed, start training early and get the puppy into their routine and believe that rescuing a dog comes with other, possibly more difficult challenges such as retraining, separation anxiety and health issues, but, make no mistake, buying a puppy is not the easier option as, re-homing a dog or buying a puppy, both will need time, patience, training and love.

Around the UK there are many more smaller re-homing centres and charities some finding new homes for specific breeds and others are small centres taking in animals found abandoned, neglected or just picked up roaming the streets and these are not always easy to find, many are run by volunteers and so, do not have a website or centre to visit.

#AdoptDont'Shop {Pet Adoption UK} #adopt www.scruffylittleterrier.comThis is where a new website called Pet Adoption UK can help! We first learnt about this site through our fur friends over at Marley & Lola’s Border Terrier Life blog and we wanted to help spread the word about this fantastic site. Pet Adoption UK serves to complement animal re-homing charities, with a flexible Find A Pet search criteria; thousands of animals, multiple animal charities, ONE WEBSITE which updates every 24 hours, in the words of Marley & Lola, “it’s a one stop adoption shop” and it’s not just dogs, there are cats, rabbits, pigs and even chickens needing new homes! So finding a new pet couldn’t be easier, you can search via the map, or via a specific animal or breed, today there are 2241 animals looking for new homes. Once you find an animal you are interested in, you register your interest and then deal directly with the charity. Pet Adoption UK also have a Facebook page and a snazzy app (iOS only).

So if you are thinking about sharing your home with a new pet, why not take a look, most re-homing charities support you in bringing your furever friend home so you won’t be alone.

Click here to head over the Pet Adoption UK’s website.

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