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Hi! I’m Michelle and I run Scruffy Little Terrier, an online shop and blog for dog lovers. I am assisted by my two scruffy little terriers, Barney (the border terrier) and Sandy (a terrier cross).

Having them as part of our family inspired me to start writing about all aspects of every day living with dogs and to create the dog designs that you will see on the products in our gift shop.

In our shop you can browse gifts for human and hound, including homeware, clothing, accessories and dog bandanas, featuring our unique designs.

It is important to me that our products and packaging is eco-friendly and ethically sourced, so our clothing is made of organic cotton/recycled polyester, our products are printed with vegan friendly inks, in the UK and all packaging is 100% plastic free.

You won’t find anything in my online shop that I wouldn’t give to my dogs or use myself!

My interest of natural and healthy living extends into the blog. I have learnt so much about looking after dogs and I wanted to share that with my readers. The blog features my honest reviews on places we have visited, dog products we have used as well as covering health, nutrition and living with dogs, because dogs fill up so much of our lives and our hearts, don’t they?

I have always said that I want to keep my dogs with me for a long as possible in the healthiest, most natural way possible. We love to support small, UK businesses with similar values that we aspire to encourage at Scruffy Little Terrier.

Living with terriers means we are down-to-earth (they get muddy, we get muddy!), we love hard-wearing, good quality products for ourselves and our dogs, because we don’t believe in keeping things for best.

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My first ever pet as a child was a golden hamster called Dougal (who remembers the Magic Roundabout?

Our first family dog was a cheeky Westie called Minty.

I lived in lots of different places including Hong Kong, Germany and Northern Ireland but now live by the sea and love it!

I learnt to horse riding in Hong Kong on beautiful polo ponies and fell in love with horses.

One of my best holidays ever was a solo holiday to a ranch in Arizona, I’ve back 5 times and much prefer western style riding.

I love music, all types, and dancing, I’ll always be the first on the dance floor!

My first job was working in McDonalds, I loved it (although it was hard work!)

I qualified (but never practised) as a pool lifeguard and a reflexologist.


Re-homed from Battersea Dogs Home when he was 11 weeks old originally being called Boris

He suffered from separation anxiety and his recall was terrible!

He used to be a terribly fussy eater but is now ruled by his, always hungry, stomach

He loves destroying soft toys, chewing on antler chews and SAUSAGES!

He is very vocal and let’s you know exactly what he wants

Everyone thinks Barney is older than he is, with his little grey beard and eyebrows

He loves to snuggle, he is a calm dog and we feel very lucky to have found our boy

He doesn’t like having his photo taken (hahaha)



Sandy was found in a pound, in Cyprus, with her mum and 4 siblings

She is a terrier cross, we believe her mum was a poodle mix and her name was Scarlett

We rescued Sandy via the Wild At Heart Foundation, she flew from Cyprus to Gatwick Airport

She can be a little diva and always wants whatever toy Barney is playing with

Barney is her safety net, she always looks for him when we are out on walks

When you open a can of fizzy drink, Sandy always barks at the noise

She has a love/hate relationship with walks, doesn’t want to go out but loves it when she is out (as long as it’s a quiet walk)

Sandy has blossomed into a wonderful dog, she is funny, so brave and my little shadow