Walk: Oxleas Wood, Eltham ~ South East London

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Oxleas Woods
Oxleas Woods

We were all up early on Sunday morning, we’d had our breakfast (me: chicken and rice as my tummy is still a bit dodgy, Michelle: porridge, banana and honey and Ian: grilled mushrooms on toast!), the sun was shining so we decided that we’d head out to Oxleas Wood for a Sunday morning walk.

Oxleas Wood is one of the few remaining areas of ancient deciduous woodland in South East London, with some parts dating back over 8,000 years. It has a little car park and a cafe with inside and outside seating (and human toilets!), the cafe is at the top of the hill, so a lovely spot to sit and watch the world go by at the end of your walk.

It’s been a while since I was at Oxleas Wood, the last time we went Ian tried to get me to follow him on his mountain bike, but as I was only 3 months old, I think he was being a bit too adventurous (I kept running off as there were so many dogs to say hello to!) in expecting me to figure that one out!

This time it was quieter when we arrived so we headed straight down into the woods. I think we pretty much had the whole woods to ourselves, so I was allowed off the lead! It was fun to run around in the leaves and I got very muddy! Ian and Michelle’s wellies were squelching as they walked through the mud and puddles.

Treat time!
Treat time!

They even sneaked in some recall training through-out the walk, they think I didn’t notice but of course I did, I got tasty cheese treats when I returned – yum yum!

After about half an hour’s walk down to the bottom of the woods we headed back up to the top of the hill for a well deserved drink of water and cup of tea! We sat, enjoyed our drinks, and the view out towards Blackheath.

The cafe at the top of the hill
The cafe at the top of the hill   

Michelle thinks the woods have a magical feel about them, I just love running around in the mud!

Woof Woof!





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    Love the pics…….lovely woodsy area…..nice walking trails ….

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    Tamara Hockey

    Lovely photo of Barney mid air! Lovely woods!

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