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9 Christmas Advent Calendars For Dogs

Dog Advent Calendars {Christmas} #DogBiscuits #DogChocolate #DogTreats #Christmas #Advent #DogFriendly www.scruffylittleterrier.comChristmas Countdown For Dogs

It’s not just children (OK and adults) who enjoy the countdown to Christmas with an advent calendar. Our beloved pooches can join in the fun, with an advent calendar for dogs.

Who doesn’t love getting a treat every morning? Barney & Sandy get excited, sniff and paw the advent calendar, and, as we don’t have children, it makes us smile and gets us in the Christmas spirit too.

Four years ago, the choices for dog’s advent calendars was limited, but now, there seems to be plenty, from the healthier option through to dog-friendly chocolate ones!

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Which One Will You Choose?

Dog Advent Calendars

1. Lily’s Kitchen ~ £9.95

The Lily’s Kitchen Dogs Advent Calendar is a popular one! Each of the 24 doors have a Lily’s Kitchen baked biscuit treat (or treats, for the smaller ones) in them. At the moment they are out of stock (but will be back in soon) on the Lily’s Kitchen website but they are readily available on other sites (Pets At Home or Amazon, also via Prime) plus your regular Lily’s stockist will be sure to have them.

2. Pets At Home ~ £2.00 – £6.00

The £2.00 Christmas Dog Advent Calendar has a chocolate tasting treat behind every door.

The £4.00 Christmas Luxury Advent Calendar has dog biscuit treats behind every door.

The £6.00 Christmas Rawhide & Munch Dog Advent Calendar has a delicious chew behind every door, perfect if your dog doesn’t have a sweet tooth.

5. Not On The High Street ~ £25.50

A totally original and fun idea for a dog’s advent calendar! This is personalised dog bone wreath which can be reused each year with your own dog treat bones. It looks fabulous, just make sure you hang it high enough!

6. Fred & Ginger (via John Lewis) ~ £4.00

For the dachshund lovers out there, this gorgeous red, dog advent calendar features a cute dachshund picture. Behind each door is a delicious dog-friendly chocolate treat and is made in the UK.

7. Good Boy Pawsley Meaty Treats Advent Calendar ~ £8.99

Available via Amazon, this is for your meat loving dog! A 100% natural human grade meat treat behind each door.

8. Wilko Christmas Dog Treat Advent Calendar ~ £2.00

Each door is filled with a festive shaped chocolate flavoured dog treat.

9. Rosewood Cupid & Comet Advent Calendar (via ~ £2.99

Each window contains a delicious treat made from carob – the dog-friendly alternative to chocolate, that’s bound to go down a treat this year!

Dog Advent Calendars {Christmas} #DogBiscuits #DogChocolate #DogTreats #Christmas #Advent #DogFriendly www.scruffylittleterrier.comGiving Treats

Please always ensure there’s a bowl of fresh water available for your dog after feeding treats. Don’t feed too many chews and treats to your dog to avoid weight gain and adjust their regular meal portions accordingly.



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