Are you a crazy dog parent? 33 signs you just might be!

Is being a dog dad more fun than being a dog mum? Or are both men and women equally crazy about the pups in their lives?

While men are given the title ‘man’s best friend’ and women get ‘crazy dog lady,’ at Scruffy Little Terrier, we think that both pet parents are a little bit nuts about their four-legged besties. And rightly so!

Is our tending loving care and utter devotion to our dogs really so crazy?!

Certainly, in our household, we’re both a bit nuts about our four-legged best friends. So we wanted to celebrate crazy dog parents, whatever gender you are!

33 signs that show you’re just crazy about your dog

  1. The first thing you do when you wake up is shower your dog with love
  1. You put more time into preparing a healthy, nourishing, and fun breakfast for your dog than you do for yourself
  1. Your favourite choice of clothing is an item that shows off your love of your four-legged bestie (Hello, You Had Me At Woof!
  1. Your dog has more nicknames than any human in your life
  1. You regularly think about what you can do to add more joy and contentment to your canine companion’s life
  1. When you head off for a weekend away, it has to be somewhere dog furiendly so your bestie can join
  1. You watch on with utter devotion while your furbaby snoozes
  1. You’ll bathe them when they roll in the most disgusting things and smile to yourself 

about how much fun they had…. Knowing they’ll likely do it all over again tomorrow

Crazy Dog Parent Blog a picture of an unhappy looking dog in the bath with lather all over it
  1. Even your dog’s most irritating traits don’t diminish your love for them
  1. You’ve considered matching outfits for you and your pup
  1. A walk without your dog at your side just feels wrong
  1. Your pup sees the groomer more than you see your hairdresser
  1. Your dog’s toys, leads, treats, and accessories are starting to take over the house
Crazy Dog Parent blog a picture of a white dog lying on a wooden floor surrounded by his toys
  1. You spend hours browsing products for your dog and spend more a month on them than you do on yourself
  1. When you go on holiday without your dog you think of them at least once a day and wish they were with you
  1. You smile a greeting at every dog you see
  1. You have more photos on your phone of your dog than anything else
  1. You have a wish list of breeds you’d love to add to your fur-maly
  1. Your dog’s birthday is a big event that demands to be celebrated
Crazy Dog Parent Blog a picture of a golden retriever with a pink birthday hat, a birthday cake, balloons and presents.
  1. You entirely trust your dog’s judgment of other people
  1. You have a deep mistrust of people who don’t like dogs
  1. You dream of having acres of land just covered in happy dogs
  1. You’d take your dog with you everywhere if you could
  1. You talk to your dog
  1. You just know that dogs are better than people… without a doubt
  1. You’re careful about the ingredients in your pups treats and choose natural yummy treats everytime 
  1. Your dog gets the best spot on the bed or sofa… and you squeeze into whatevers left
  1. Dog hair don’t care. Being covered in dog hair is just a sign of your neverending puppy love
  1. You consider yourself a dog parent, fur mum or dad rather than an ‘owner’
  1. You wouldn’t think twice about using a dog buggy if your pup needs one
  1. Sharing’s caring… whether that’s your dinner or your ice cream, your dog always gets a bit too!
  1. You make homemade treats for your dog
  1. You have at least one picture of your dog framed and in pride of place…. Hello dog photoshoot or beautiful dog portrait!

So, how did you score? I’m a 29 out of 33. I’m certainly more than a little crazy about my dogs!

We all show our love in different ways, at our house I’m a little militant about measuring the dog’s food out and making sure the dog’s stay healthy and in good shape. Whereas my husband is certainly king of the tidbits and sneaker of extra treats! 

Crazy Dog Parent Blog a picture of a man on the beach with two dogs getting a treat

He’s also the one who takes them out on super fun bike rides and adventures… while I give them a pamper session and a spruce up when they return home!

Yup, we divide the crazy dog parenting tasks here. But without a doubt, our two are utterly spoiled and we’re nothing but proud of it! 🙂

How dog crazy are you? Do you show your crazy dog love in different ways to other members of your family? 

Let me know in the comments if you are a crazy dog parent, as I love reading about all things dog! Or why not check out Scruffy Little Terrier over on Instagram for all things crazy dog parent, its where we have lots of fun!

woofs & licks signature from Michelle Barney & Sandy Scruffy Little Terrier

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  1. Rachel

    Omg I lost count but probably the same as you! Patch doesn’t go to the groomers but I think I ticked all the others. Absolutely love this post

    • Michelle

      Ahh Patch is lucky to have such a wonderful crazy dog parent ;o)

  2. Kate

    I think I’m off the scale!! x

    • Michelle

      Hahahaha I wouldn’t be at all surprised ;o)


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