3 Great Quality British Dog Brands That We Love

Find Out About Some Of Favourite British Dog Brands

3 Great British Dog Brands We Love {British Dog Brands We Love} #DogProductReviews #DogCoats #DogProducts #BritishDogBrands #Equafleece www.scruffylittleterrier.comWhen we buy anything for Barney and Sandy, as much as possible we like to buy 100% natural products from British dog brands. We want to know where items are made and sourced, in fact this is now spilling over into what we choose for ourselves too.

By spending a bit more on British brands, we are supporting smaller companies and we can be confident of the quality.

We thought we would share three of our favourite British dog brands. What we love, and consistently use, from them.

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Oscar & Hooch

I can’t remember how I found out about Oscar & Hooch, quite possibly in a dog magazine, but I’m so glad that I discovered this British brand.

3 Great British Dog Brands We Love {British Dog Brands We Love} #DogProductReviews #DogCollars #DogLeads #DogProducts #BritishDogBrands #Oscar&Hooch www.scruffylittleterrier.comThey are our go-to brand for collars and leads, I can’t imagine using any other collars or leads, I love them that much!

Oscar & Hooch are ‘dedicated to providing high quality dog products that are stylish and practical; durable enough to withstand multiple washes without compromising in style and comfort.’

We love all the colour options, Barney and Sandy have two collars and leads each, in different colours. They are handmade in the UK in soft suedette. The suedette collars are comfortable for your dog to wear and the leads are also really comfortable and soft in your hand (no blisters or cuts on the hands).

3 Great British Dog Brands We Love {British Dog Brands We Love} #DogProductReviews #DogCollars #DogLeads #DogProducts #BritishDogBrands #Oscar&Hooch www.scruffylittleterrier.comSandy loves to roll in fox poo (yuk!) so her collar gets a lot of washing. These collars and leads wash-up like new, with no colour bleeding at all, ideal when you have two muddy, scruffy terriers!

We are not a fan of extendable leads, so it is great that Oscar & Hooch have two types of leads. Their normal walking lead and their training leads, which allows you to change the length of the lead. With additional D rings, trigger and O rings, the leads allow for adjustment of length, tethering, hands free walking or even walking 2 dogs at once.

3 Great British Dog Brands We Love {British Dog Brands We Love} #DogProductReviews #DogCollars #DogLeads #DogProducts #BritishDogBrands #Oscar&Hooch www.scruffylittleterrier.com

There are 12 colours to choose from with a contrasting colour through the middle. The collars and leads really are stylish, the colours are bright and stand out on walks, we are often asked about the leads, we can’t recommend them enough.


We found out about Equafleece from seeing other dogs wearing them out on walks and, our dog walker suggested we try one for Sandy.

3 Great British Dog Brands We Love {British Dog Brands We Love} #DogProductReviews #DogCoats #DogProducts #BritishDogBrands #Equafleece www.scruffylittleterrier.comSandy doesn’t have a double coat like Barney and when we first re-homed her, her coat was very fine and patchy (now it grows evenly all over but it’s still not a thick coat). Sandy’s body shape a bit like a whippet, she’s quite deep-chested, she feels the cold but also I thought an Equafleece would help her to feel warm and calmer out on walks.

Equafleece fleeces are made in the UK, are 100% rainproof, breathable and washable. They are made from the same Polartec® high performance polyester fleece found in advanced technical mountaineering wear.

We bought Sandy a Dog Jumper and a Dog Tankie. The Jumper has legs at the front only and the Tankie, has no legs. We use the Tankie for chillier autumn/spring morning walks and the Jumper is great for winter walks. However, there are other options, Dog Suit (all four legs), Dog Coat and Dog Polo Neck Coat.

There are great colour choices, we love the hot pink for Sandy. She also has the navy jumper and I always think she looks like she’s in her pjs in this jumper (just so adorable!).

3 Great British Dog Brands We Love {British Dog Brands We Love} #DogProductReviews #DogCoats #DogProducts #BritishDogBrands #Equafleece www.scruffylittleterrier.comTo help you make sure you get the correct size, Equafleece have a handy video showing you how to measure correctly, once you have the measurements, you put these into the sizing calculator which will tell you what size to buy. Sandy takes a slim jumper, other size options are: Italian Greyhound Jumpers, Dinky & Dachsie Jumpers and Pug & Bullie Jumpers. The jumpers and tankies seem to be very comfortable and a good fit, because there are no zips or buckles they can be worn under a harness easily.

If you are unsure about anything, or the colour you want isn’t available on the website, in your size, give Equafleece a call, they are so helpful with any questions you may have.

Equafleece jumpers keep Sandy warm and, more importantly, dry. They are great to use after a wet walk on the beach, put an Equafleece on and the dogs will dry off in the car! They handle daily washing well and dry very quickly. We will be buying a couple more for this winter to keep Sandy warm, the question is what colours to choose.  😉

Billy + Margot

We have written about Billy + Margot before, as we keep a couple of tubs of their iced treats (aka ice cream for dogs) in the freezer. We also have a constant supply of Billy + Margot Venison Chew Sticks in the treat cupboard. We found these very early on in our dog owning journey and it is safe to say that the dogs go absolutely mental for these chew sticks, they love them!

3 Great British Dog Brands We Love {British Dog Brands We Love} #DogProductReviews #DogChews #DogProducts #BritishDogBrands #Billy&Margot www.scruffylittleterrier.com

There are six chew sticks in a pack, each made of 100% air-dried British Venison. They are rich in protein, provide a great source of omega 3 and are low in cholesterol and fat. If your dog suffers from intolerances it is worth trying these chews because they are gluten-free and hypoallergenic too.

We keep these treats as a ‘high value’ treat, you can also buy venison pieces for training purposes. For us, they are not an everyday treat, and we have found giving too many in any one day, could cause a bit of diarrhoea the following day, one stick a day is just plenty.

3 Great British Dog Brands We Love {British Dog Brands We Love} #DogProductReviews #DogChews #DogProducts #BritishDogBrands #Billy&Margot www.scruffylittleterrier.com

These treats are a firm favourite in our house and the dogs get very excited when they see the orange packet being opened.

Billy + Margot are updating their website at the moment, but you can buy them easily elsewhere online.

Do you have any favourite brands that you love for your dogs? Leave us a comment and let us know, we love to find out about new brands.

3 Great British Dog Brands We Love {British Dog Brands We Love} #DogProductReviews #DogProducts #BritishDogBrands #Billy&Margot #Oscar&Hooch #Equafleece www.scruffylittleterrier.com


27 Responses

  1. Avatar

    What a wonderful post! I love learning about different brands out there, and even better from a different country! I’m in love with collars and leashes, they look so comfy!!!

    • Avatar

      They really are very comfortable for human & hound :o)

  2. Avatar
  3. Avatar

    Every one of these brands could be a favorite of mine also…although Gust doesn’t need any coats. The leashes, collars and coats are obviously very high quality. I haven’t seen venison sticks here in the US…yet. I have to be careful what treats Gusto eats since any diarrhea is a disaster on his white fluffy butt 😉

    • Avatar

      haha! I haven’t met a dog that doesn’t love venison chews!

  4. Avatar
    Jana Rade

    I’m still on a quest to see whether I can find some “outfit” that could work as a tick barrier; similar to how it works for people.

    • Avatar

      Equafleece do summer tops, maybe these might help?

  5. Avatar
    Delightful Dapple

    I really love the Equafleece sweaters! I love how they come in so many different colors and they take into account different sizes for different breeds! It can be hard for me to find sweaters for my dachshund since she’s so long but has the tiniest legs!

    • Avatar

      I know lots of dachshunds that have equafleece, the bright ones are great too, as it makes it easier to see them in long grass! ;o)

  6. Avatar

    All of those products sound great! I especially like the way the leashes can be adapted to your needs and the fact that they won’t hurt your hand.

  7. Avatar
    Cathy Armato

    It’s so important to find great brands, especially those that source from safe reliable places. I love the Equafleece jacket, that is a beauty!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • Avatar

      We love them too, I am going to order a couple more for Sandy for next winter. A girl can’t have too many fleeces ;o)

  8. Avatar
    Debra Bailey

    There’s nothing better than finding brands that you love and really believe in. Those fleeces look great! We use a local company that custom makes fleece jackets to your dog’s specifications. I truly love them. Fleece is such a great weight of material for most of our adventures.

    • Avatar

      Oh wow, that sounds great and you do fab hikes so I’m sure your dogs need fleeces!

  9. Avatar

    I’m in the USA so I haven’t heard of these brands, however these items look cool. I really like the vibrant colors of the collars/leads. And venison chew sticks, oh my!

    • Avatar

      I love finding out about new brands from around the world!

  10. Avatar
    Adriana Martin

    wow super nice products, the Equafleece looks amazing my dog would like that a lot. And then the venison sticks those looks like a great treat need to visit you area and buy some.

    • Avatar

      Oh the venison chews send our dogs into a frenzy! hahaha… they love them!

  11. Avatar
    Tenacious L Terrier (@MrNTerrier)

    Those collars and leashes look very comfortable for the dog and human. I can be picky about leash textures. I didn’t realize Equafleece was a British company but I hear good things. Mr. N lives in fleeces during the winter.

    • Avatar

      Equafleece are a great company, with fantastic quality. Sandy lives in her fleeces in the winter and they fit her perfectly.

  12. Avatar
    Ruth Epstein

    Thanks for introducing us to the UK products as I am sure there are some that do not think that other countries have their brands for pets so this was great to read about them especially on a blog as that way I know they are safe just in case I one day decide to visit with Layla

    • Avatar

      I love to support UK brands, especially good quality ones. I’m sure you would love your visit here, if you ever make it over!

  13. Avatar

    Great post and perfect since I live in England!! I admit I bring Red’s sweaters back here when I visit the States. I have given them Billy+Margot ice cream and they loved it!! I have heard of Oscar & Hooch but have never ordered anything from them. I am always in the market for new leashes, harnesses and collars, and the selection in the shops is pretty much non existent. When I’m ready to buy I’m definitely going to check out this company because I love the ones you’ve featured.

    • Avatar

      Ah I’m glad you enjoyed it and found about some wonderful British brands. I really love the leads and collars and they really do wash up like new! Let us know what colour option you choose :o)

  14. Avatar

    the Equafleece is amazing. We live in a mountain resort area and I know many dogs who would love this!
    Anita, Purrsonal Assistant to the Tribe of Five

    • Avatar

      They are great! And helps make your dogs easier to spot if you let them off lead!

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