11 Essentials For Your Dog First Aid Kit

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Invest in a First Aid Kit

Dog First Aid Kit {First Aid Kit} #DogHealth #First Aid Kit #Dogs www.scruffylittleterrier.comIf you own a dog (or any other pet) it is worth investing in a First Aid Kit. Being prepared for a sudden medical emergency will give you peace of mind and enable you to treat any cuts, strains or injuries until you are able to get veterinary care for your dog.

I bought a small basic first aid kit (similar to the one linked above) for one of our first times away with Barney, and also a small book of basic emergency first aid care too, “Emergency First Aid for Dogs – at home and away” by Martin Bucksch, which I did read! I thought it would be a great addition to our dog’s travel pack, but I also have these in an easily accessible place at home.

In fact, on the last night of that first trip, we noticed Barney was limping! After checking his paw, we couldn’t see anything in the paw, however to stop him licking his paw and causing more damage, we decided to bandage it, until we could get to the vet the following day. I was so glad that I bought the first aid kit!

The Essentials

Purchasing a basic first aid kit is a great starter and here’s what it should include.

  • cleansing wipes,
  • bandages,
  • eye wash pods,
  • a foil blanket,
  • tweezers/forceps,
  • gauze swabs,
  • gloves,
  • microporous tape,
  • dressings (various sizes),
  • plastic bags,
  • scissors.

Dog First Aid Kit {First Aid Kit} #DogHealth #First Aid Kit #Dogs www.scruffylittleterrier.comThe essentials for your first aid kit, are in no way a substitute for proper veterinary care, but they do allow you to temporarily treat any injuries until you can take your dog to the vet.

We have used our, now vamped up, first aid kit on a few occasions and we always take it away with us for days out or on holiday.

If you don’t have one, I highly recommend that you think about getting one, as well as the book mentioned above, it may give you valuable time and calm you, and your pet, before getting to see the vet.

In my next post, I will tell you all about our vamped up first aid kit with my additions, it really is a DIY First Aid Kit now!


First Aid Kit

First Aid Book ~ “Emergency First Aid for Dogs – at home and away” by Martin Bucksch

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