Owning a dog opens up a whole new world; in which people smile at you as you pass them in the street, stop and chat to you as you walk in the park and, even more surprising, talk to you on public transport! Even though we had a dog when I was a child, I wasn’t really prepared for the changes which happen when you own a dog for the first time.

We hope you enjoy the website, about Barney, our Border Terrier and everything about dogs that might help you on your journey. I’m not a vet or a dog trainer, just a very happy Border Terrier owner. I hope you love Barney’s tails, as much as we do!

Welcome to Barney’s world, our Scruffy Little Terrier.

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Barney’s tails: Friday fun time!

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It’s the weekend tomorrow, happy Furday everyone! Oh I mean Friday! no, I mean Furday (I’m a dog after all!). The weekend doesn’t mean too much change to my routine, other than having Mr... READ MORE

Dog coats – getting a good fit

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So you’ve decided that your dog needs a winter coat and you’ve seen all different styles, shapes, colours and materials available (no different to our coats, is it?). Once you’ve chosen what type of coat you want,... READ MORE

Road testing my raincoat

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I have two coats which I use for dog walking; my super warm and cosy ‘duvet’ coat, a Christmas present 3 years ago from Mr SLT. I love it, it keeps me really... READ MORE

Border Terrier’s coat of many colours

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For every Border Terrier you meet, you will notice the differences in colour of their coat. The Kennel Club has four recognised colours in the Breed Standard: Red; Grizzle and tan; Blue and tan;... READ MORE